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Casey Johnson Wins Goodyear 50

By Andrew Schaller

JEFFERSON, WI (Saturday, May 22, 2010) – Casey Johnson finally shook the bridesmaid moniker he earned by finishing second each of the first two weeks at Jefferson Speedway by winning the Goodyear Racing Tires 50 lap Late Model feature. Stoughton’s Johnson sliced his way to the front and drove off on his way to victory lane with the win.

Roger Behlke and Don Gaserude paced the field of 18 competitors to the green. After a brief side by side battle, Gaserude cleared for the top spot on lap two. Caution waved early on lap three when Behlke and Scott Lindsay made contact and both spun to the infield. On the restart, Jerry Eckhardt made a bid for the lead, looking to the low side of Gaserude through turns one and two. Gaserude held off his advances, reclaiming sole possession of the point on lap seven. On lap 15, Ryan Zielski shot past Eckhardt for second and dove under Gaserude looking to lead. Caution slowed his progress on lap 16 as Eckhardt spun in turn four. As the green returned, Zielski went back to work on the leader, moving back to the low side and pulling even down the backstretch. The cars began to stack up behind the side by side battle for the lead as the cars were two by two through tenth position. Zielski finally cleared for the lead on lap 28 with Johnson in tow for second. Another caution on lap 29 set up Johnson to make the winning pass. As the green waved once again, Johnson charged under Zielski into turn one and completed the pass entering turn three. After another brief caution on lap 33, Johnson showed some muscle as he pulled away from the pack. Johnson saw the checkers first followed by Zielski, Doug Hahn, Kyle Jarlsberg and Steve Dobbratz.

In Sportsman action, Tom Schuette of Fort Atkinson took over the lead halfway through the 30 lap feature event and stayed out front to get the win. Terry Wangsness and Mike Acheson made up row one at the start with Wangsness taking the early lead on lap two. Schuette moved up to take second from Acheson on lap six as he set his sights on Wangsness. Schuette got under the leader as the two drivers fought door to door. Schuette cleared for the lead on lap 15 as Shaun Scheel tried to follow. Scheel made the pass for second on lap 19. Scheel pressured Schuette, but eventually fell in line behind Schuette. Bret Schmidt made a late race charge into the top five, finding himself in second with only one lap remaining. But Schuette held strong to get the win with Schmidt, Justin Schultz, Scheel and Mike Winters rounding out the top five.

Jefferson’s Chris Gottschalk claimed the 20 lap International main event. Travis Schneeberg took the initial lead from the outside of the front row at the start with Matt McKinney falling in line behind the leader. Gottschalk slipped under McKinney on lap two take second away and pull up behind Schneeberg. On lap four, Gottschalk drove under the leader and stole the point away for himself. After a caution on lap seven, Gottschalk began to stretch his advantage. Gottschalk continued to show the way as his lead grew until he crossed the line for the win. Kyle Smith finished second with Schneeberg, McKinney and Mark English rounding out the top five.

Johnny Robinson of Beloit captured the 25 lap Hobby Stock feature event. Roger Stephenson and Tony Ciano lead the field to green with Stephenson leading the opening lap. A caution on lap two slowed the field with Stephenson in front and Kyle Stark sitting in second. As the green waved again, Stark began to challenge Stephenson for the point, moving to the low side and pulling even with the leader. Robinson joined the fight, making it a three way battle for the lead. Robinson and Stephenson emerged side by side with Robinson claiming possession of the lead on lap six. Stark charged past Stephenson for second while Steven Sauer followed into third. Sauer made his way to second and started to close the gap on Robinson when the caution waved on lap 15. On the restart, Stark moved under Sauer trying to reclaim second. The two made contact sending Stark spinning and bringing out another caution. Both drivers were forced to restart in the rear, handing second to Zack Schmidt. But Robinson held off Schmidt the take the checkers for the win. Schmidt was second followed by Dustin Ward, Stephenson and Chester Williams.

Bill Reynolds won his second Road Warrior feature in a row after claiming the 10 lap feature event. Dave Gigl took the early lead with Roger Stephenson right behind in second. Stephenson looked to the low side or Gigl on lap two. Reynolds joined the party at the front, going three wide and taking the lead for himself on lap four. Brett Carson moved up to challenge Reynolds for the point, but Reynolds held him off to take the win. Carson finished second with Stephenson third.

Stoughton’s Will Rece laid claim to the 20 lap Bandit feature event. Kevin Pauls took the early lead with Rece pulling into second on lap two. Rece drove to the outside trying to make the pass for the lead. Rece continued to work the outside groove, pulling even on lap five and inching ahead each lap until he owned the top spot on lap seven. Rece immediately opened up a healthy advantage while Brandon Condroski made his way through the field. Condroski found himself in second as the laps wound down, but Rece’s lead was too big to overcome. Rece took the win followed by Condroski, Pauls, Brandon Johnson and Dave Schmidt.

Next Saturday, May 29, is a full program sponsored by Newville Auto Salvage. Time trials begin at 5pm with racing at 7pm. Jefferson Speedway is located halfway between Jefferson and Cambridge on Hwy 18. Please visit for more information.

Jefferson Speedway Race Summary
Late Model-
Goodyear Tires 50 lap Feature Results- 1) 5 Casey Johnson, Stoughton 2) 21 Ryan Zielski, Oconomowoc 3) 99 Doug Hahn, Whitewater 4) 87 Kyle Jarlsberg, Jefferson 5) 52 Steve Dobbratz, Rio 6) 94 Jason Erickson, Fort Atkinson 7) 4 Chris Quam, Stoughton 8) 7 Bob Kahler, Caledonia (IL) 9) 61 Jerry Eckhardt, Johnson Creek 10)81 Don Gaserude, Fort Atkinson 11) 29 Scott Lindsay, Dousman 12) 33 Dylan Schuyler, Jefferson 13) 21 Brandon Pendleton, Helenville 14) 4 Luke Padfield, Jefferson 15) 7 Ed Kubicz, Whitewater 16) 16 Luke Westenberg, Jefferson 17) 71 Jason Deppe, Waterloo 18) 44 Roger Behlke, Jefferson
Fast Qualifier- 94 Jason Erickson—14.187 seconds
Consy- 17 Duane Deppe, 1 Jody Krueger
Last Chance- 71 Jason Deppe, 4 Luke Padfield, 7 Ed Kubicz, 21 Brandon Pendleton
Heat Winners- 1) 1 Jody Krueger 2) 71 Jason Deppe 3) 81 Don Gaserude
Best Appearing Car- 16 Luke Westenberg

Feature Results- 1) 27 Tom Schuette, Fort Atkinson 2) 20 Bret Schmidt, Watertown 3) 79 Justin Schultz, Columbus 4) 8 Shaun Scheel, Lake Mills 5) 77 Mike Winters, Sun Prairie 6) 7 Kyle Watters, Stoughton
Fast Qualifier- 71 Jason Dunn—15.159 seconds
Heat Winners- 1) 11 Adam Bleskan 2) 79 Justin Schultz
Best Appearing Car- 27 Tom Schuette

Feature Results- 1) 61 Chris Gottschalk, Jefferson 2) 90 Kyle Smith, Lake Mills 3) 75 Travis Schneeberg, Sun Prairie 4) 95 Matt McKinney, Fort Atkinson 5) 57 Mark English, Edgerton 6) 135 Rob Lange, Jefferson
Fast Qualifier- 57 Mark English—16.538 seconds
Last Chance- 25 Darren Brown, 17 Eric Connell, 85 Matt Lorenz, 35 Kurt Kleven
Heat Winners- 1) 35 Kurt Kleven 2) 74 Scott Uttech 3) 75 Travis Schneeberg
Best Appearing Car- 83 Devin Wild

Hobby Stock-
Feature Results- 1) 99 Johnny Robinson, Beloit 2) 19 Zack Schmidt, Johnson Creek 3) 9 Dustin Ward, Waterloo 4) 88 Roger Stephenson, Jefferson 5) 22 Chester Williams, Waukesha 6) 62 Allen McBride, Milton
Fast Qualifier- 19 Zack Schmidt—16.455 seconds
Last Chance- 241 Ed Klug, 22 Kyle Chwala, 2 Brent Gergen, 72 Gary Paulick
Heat Winners- 1) 92 Kyle Stark 2) 9 Dustin Ward
Best Appearing Car- 9 Dustin Ward

Road Warrior-
Feature Results- 1) 6 Bill Reynolds 2) 7 Brett Carson 3) 88 Roger Stephenson 4) 71 Dave Gigl
Fast Qualifier- 6 Bill Reynolds—17.268 seconds
Heat Winner- 6 Bill Reynolds
Best Appearing Car- 7 Brett Carson

Feature Results- 1) 15 Will Rece, Stoughton 2) 13 Brandon Condroski, Cudahy 3) 78 Kevin Pauls, McFarland 4) 18 Brandon Johnson, Avalon 5) 10 Dave Schmidt, Cudahy 6) 20 Ron Nelson, Jefferson
Fast Qualifier- 13 Brandon Condroski—14.555 seconds
Consy- 89 Jordan McBride, 11 Kory Jansen
Last Chance- 43 Mitch Brockway, 02 Michelle Heimann, 0 Bryan Ellis, 31 Michael Heimann
Heat Winners- 1) 89 Jordan McBride 2) 31 Bryan Gottschalk 3) 33 Mike White 4) 111 Devon Dixon
Best Appearing Car- 02 Michelle Heimann

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