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Corso, Prietzel, Stark, Moyer and Guralski Take Feature Wins

JEFFERSON, WI (Saturday, June 11, 2016) The weekly warriors of Wisconsin’s Action Track took the week off from chasing the 2016 championship as they gave way to the traveling series last Saturday night. Five different classes of motorsports appeared together at Jefferson Speedway headlined by the American Ethanol Super Truck Series as well as the Mid-American Stock Car Series. When the dust settled, Rick Corso claimed the truck feature with Bill Preitzel standing tall in the Mid-American Series.

The American Ethanol Super Truck Series feature kicked off with Michael Raskovic and Corso on the front row. Gabe Sommers joined them in a three wide fight for the lead exiting turn four on the opening lap. Sommers held the advantage as they crossed the stripe to complete lap one with Corse falling in line behind him and Chester Ace into third. Sommers began to stretch his lead slightly as the laps ticked away in the first half of the event. On lap ten, the competition caution waved slowing the pace and bunching the drivers back up for the second half restart. Corso and Sommers led the field back to green with Corso taking control through turns one and two. Sommers remained close by with Raskovic up to challenge for second. On lap 17, Sommers and Raskovic got together entering turn one as they both slid up into the outside wall to force the second caution of the race. Corso restarted on the point with Ace now challenging for second. But Corso kept Ace at bay over the final three laps to see the checkers first for the win.

In Mid-American Stock Car Series action, it was Bill Prietzel taking top honors in the 50 lap feature event. Ryan Gutknecht and Billy Rud paced the field to green with Gutknecht moving out front on lap one. Eric Lingford followed into second with Scott Dunning up to third. Rud tried to hold off Prietzel and Kenny Joosten for fourth as the top three drivers began to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Tyler Bauknecht joined the battle for a top five position on lap 13 when he drove alongside Prietzel for fifth. Bauknecht slid past Prietzel and to the inside of Rud on lap 14. A lap later, Bauknecht was clear for fourth. Meanwhile, Dunning began to challenge Lingford for second allowing Gutknecht to slip away as well as Bauknecht to close in on them. On lap 23, Bauknecht drove to the outside of Dunning for third. Bauknecht continued forward as he drove by Dunning and dove under Lingford at the halfway point of the race. Bauknecht cleared for second just before the first of several cautions slowed the pace on lap 27. On the restart, Bauknecht tried to draw even with Gutknecht for the lead as they raced out of turn two. But Bauknecht made hard contact with the back stretch wall forcing him to fall off the pace and drop to the rear. Bauknecht came to a stop to force another yellow flag situation. Bauknecht’s evening was finished with Gutknecht still showing the way out front. Gutknecht and Prietzel restarted side by side on lap 30. The duo slid into turn one with both drivers struggling to gain control. Prietzel exited turn two with the advantage with Lingford up to second and Gutknecht back to third. After another caution on lap 33, Prietzel returned to the lead with Gutknecht getting by Lingford to reclaim second. Gutknecht began to search for an opening around Preitzel at the front. But even with Gutknecht pulling out all the stops, it was Prietzel who crossed the stripe first the claim the victory. Gutknecht settled for second followed by Bobby Gutknecht, Jimmie Evans and Lingford.

Kyle Stark of Waterloo picked up the clean sweep in the Outlaw 4 Cylinder division by winning the 15 lap feature as well as the heat race and scoring quick time through qualifying. Scott Crawford led lap one from the outside of the front row while Brandon DeLacy, Joe Cross and Noah Pankow raced three wide for second. Aaron Rude took Pankow’s place on lap three, clearing for second. Stark moved into third on lap five and quickly pulled up behind Rude with Mark English in tow. Stark drove under Rude on lap seven, continuing forward alongside Crawford on the same lap. Stark cleared as they exited turn four with Rude in his tracks for third. Stark began to stretch his advantage while Crawford tried to hold off English for third. At the checkers, it was Stark for the win followed by Rude, Crawford, English and DeLacy.

A good battle between Max McNamara and Aaron Moyer in the 20 lap Legends feature ended with Moyer, of Allenton, in victory lane. McNamara motored through the field on the opening lap, claiming the point on lap two. Moyer followed into second a lap later as the top two drivers began to break away from the rest of the field. Moyer slowly cut into McNamara’s lead lap after lap, until finding himself on the rear bumper of the leader on lap 12. Two laps later, Moyer drove under McNamara on the exit of turn four. After a brief battle, Moyer moved into control in front of McNamara. A caution on lap 18 set up a two lap shootout to the finish. But Moyer remained out front as he claimed the win followed by McNamara, Anthony Metallo, Blaise Watters and Derek Mueller.

Kolton Guralski of Wausau picked up the win in the 12 lap Bandolero feature event. Starting in the rear, Guralski fired into the lead on lap one and immediately began to pull away. Jevin Guralski moved into second with Emma Hunstiger in third. Kolton Guralski continued to drive away while Hunstiger, Karter Stark and Robbie Rucks battled for third. At the checkers, it was Kolton Guralski with the convincing win followed by Jevin Guralski, Stark, Rucks and Hunstiger.

Next Saturday, June 18, is a full program of racing in all six divisions with time trials at 5pm and racing at 7pm sharp. Jefferson Speedway is located halfway between Jefferson and Cambridge on Hwy 18. Please visit for more information.




American Ethanol Super Truck Series-

Feature Results- 1) Rick Corso, McHenry (IL)  2) Chester Ace, Oregon  3) Michael Raskovic, New Glarus  4) Gabe Sommers, Plover

Fast Qualifier- Chester Ace—14.279 seconds


Mid-American Stock Car Series-

Feature Results- 1) Bill Prietzel, Richfield  2) Ryan Gutknecht, Oak Creek  3) Bobby Gutknecht, Oak Creek  4) Jimmie Evans, St. Francis  5) Eric Lingford, Wind Lake  6) Mark Brooner, Tomah  7) Rick Tackman Jr, Waukesha  8) Kenny Joosten, Wonder Lake (IL)  9) Billy Rud, Stearmwood (IL)  10) Scott Dunning, LaGrange (IL)  11) Tyler Bauknecht, Reedsville  12) Greg Beebe, Waukesha  13) Butch Mierendorf, Waterloo

Fast Qualfiier- Rick Tackman Jr—15.074 seconds

Heat Winners- 1) Tyler Bauknecht  2) Ryan Gutknecht


Outlaw 4 Cylinder-

Feature Results- 1) Kyle Stark, Waterloo  2) Aaron Rude, Cambridge  3) Scott Crawford, Cambridge  4) Mark English, Edgerton  5) Brandon DeLacy, Fort Atkinson  6) Noah Pankow, Jefferson  7) Merek Pankow, Jefferson  8) Joe Cross, Sun Prairie

Fast Qualifier- Kyle Stark—15.905 seconds

Heat Winner- Kyle Stark



Feature Results- 1) Aaron Moyer, Allenton  2) Max McNamara, McHenry (IL)  3) Anthony Metallo, South Elgin (IL)  4) Blaise Watters, Mineral Point  5) Derek Mueller, Verona  6) Aryn Wilson, S.Beloit (IL)  7) Jim Bucher, Richfield  8) Ryan Weyer, Hubertus  9) Kyle Hatton, Crown Point (IN)

Fast Qualifier- Max McNamara—15.724 seconds

Heat Winners- 1) Ryan Weyer  2) Aaron Moyer



Feature Results- 1) Kolton Guralski, Wausau  2) Jevin Guralski, Wausau  3) Karter Stark, Marshall  4) Robbie Rucks, Deerfield  5) Emma Hunstiger, Sullivan

Fast Qualifier- Kolton Guralski—15.026 seconds

Heat Winner- Kolton Guralski

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