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Gronert, Riedner, Strese, Tate and Stark Victorious at Jefferson

By Larry & Jeanne Starr

June 16, 2007; Jefferson WI — Jasper Gronert of Fort Atkinson claimed top honors in the “River’s Edge Farm Market 50” Late Model feature. Starting outside the front row Gronert took the lead at the green flag and never looked back, guiding the field to the checked. As Gronert led the way the battles raged behind as drivers worked their way through traffic. Dylan Schuyler made his way, from a 12th place start, to the 2nd spot, while Kyle Jarlsberg came from 14th to 4th. At the stripe it was Gronert for the win, followed by Schuyler, Chris Quam, Jarlsberg and John Ovadal Jr.

In Sportsman action Scott “Chico” Riedner of Waunakee notched his 4th feature win, of the season, in the 30 lap main event. Starting 14th, Riedner headed toward the point as RC Van Ransull claimed the early lead. After showing the way, for 16 laps, Van Ransull surrendered the point to Greg Ovadal. Ovadal led the way for 2 laps, as Riedner worked the inside. Riedner made the winning pass on lap 20, guiding the way to the checkers. At the stripe it was Riedner followed by Ovadal, Jeff Kohlhoff, Mark Joyner and Ken Scott.

In International action Cody Strese of Watertown claimed victory in the 20 lap feature. Starting on the pole, Strese took the lead a the green flag and held it until the checkered. His position placed Strese ahead of the first lap melee that collected several cars, against the back stretch wall. As Strese ran to the checkers, brother Casey was close behind, in the 2nd spot, and Mark English was charging through the field. At the stripe it was Cody Strese for the win, followed by Casey Strese, English, Brandon Riedner and Ashley Smith.

In Hobby Stock action Jim Tate Jr. of Watertown stretched his lead, in the championship point standings, with a win in the 25 lap feature. Starting outside row 6 Tate headed to the point as Eaan Carson claimed the early lead. Carson led the way for 13 laps, as Tate made his way through traffic. Tate claimed the 2nd spot, on lap 12, closing with Carson. Moving to the bottom, Tate made the winning pass on lap 14. At the finish it was Tate for the win followed by Carson, Pete Elgas, Alan Dorn and Kyle Stark.

In Bandit action Gary Stark of Waunakee claimed top honors in the 20 lap main event. Starting outside row 7, Stark started his drive to the front, as Matt McKinney took the early lead. Stark made his way through the field, catching McKinney on lap 7, and making the winning pass on lap 8. At the stripe it was Stark for the win, followed by Kyle Watters, Sean Watters Stephen Scheel and Kyle Padfield.

The action continues next week with the “Fort & Janesville Quick Cash 50”, and “WJVL Night at The Races”, featuring a 50 lap Late Model feature and a full racing program, in all 5 divisions. The Trailer Race will cap the night’s action.

Gates open at 3:00PM, qualifying starts at 5:00PM and the first race is at 7:00 sharp.

Jefferson Speedway is half way between Cambridge and Jefferson Wisconsin, on Highway 18.

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Jefferson Speedway Race Summary 06/16/2007 Rivers Edge Farm Market 50

Late Model Division Feature Finish
1) 22 Jasper Gronert (Ft. Atkinson) 2) 33 Dylan Schuyler (Jefferson)
3) 4 Chris Quam (Stoughton) 4) 87 Kyle Jarlsberg (Cambridge)
5) 71 John Ovadal (Watertown) 6) 44 Roger Behlke
7) 52 Steve Dobbratz (Rio) 8) 104 Noel Ramge
9) 11 Trent Erdman (Fort Atkinson) 10) 98 Rob Graham
11) 99 Doug Hahn (Whitewater) 12) 50 Tim Noble
13) 71 Jason Deppe (Waterloo) 14) 19 Chad Reimer (Watertown)
15) 68 Ken Olson (Fort Atkinson) 16) 3 Chuck Duncan (Milwaukee)
17) 12 Greg Bowers (Waterloo) 18) 79 Justin Schultz (Rio)
Fast Qualifier: 33 Dylan Schuyler (Jefferson) : 14.514 seconds
Fast Dash: 19 Chad Reimer (Watertown)
LastChance: 3 Chuck Duncan, 12 Greg Bowers, 79 Justin Schultz, 11 Trent Erdman
Heats: Qual1) 49 Tory Adams, Qual2) 98 Rob Graham, Qual3) 50 Tim Noble

International Division Feature Finish
1) 32 Cody Strese (Watertown) 2) 23 Casey Strese (Watertown)
3) 57 Mark English (Janesville) 4) 4D Brandon Riedner (Waunakee)
5) 05 Ashley Smith (Lake Mills) 6) 67 Joe Cross (Sun Prairie)
Fast Qualifier: 67 Joe Cross (Sun Prairie) : 16.842 seconds
Fast Dash: 31 Ken Au (Jefferson)
LastChance: 57 Pete Seitz, 77 Mike Winters, 00 Scott Hoeft, 07 Craig Knapp
Heats: Qual1) 5 Peter Shelley, qual2) 23 Casey Strese, qual3) 90 Kyle Smith

Sportsman Division Feature Finish
1) 26 Scott Riedner (Waunakee) 2) 72 Greg Ovadal (Franksville)
3) 98 Jeff Kohlhoff (Watertown) 4) 4 Mark Joyner (Palmyra)
5) 39 Ken Scott (Rio) 6) 55 Terry Wangsness (Delavan)
Fast Qualifier: 26 Scott Riedner (Waunakee) : 15.280 seconds
Fast Dash: 6 Chris Ehrhart (Deerfield)
LastChance: 22 Brady Lilly, 82 Mike Acheson, 8 Shaun Scheel, 29 Ryan Oldenhoff
Heats: Qual1) 41 Dick Reents, qual2) 22 Brady Lilly, qual3) 55 Terry Wangsness

Hobby Stock Division Feature Finish
1) 27 Jim Tate Jr. (Watertown) 2) 2 Eaan Carson (Ft. Atkinson)
3) 52 Peter Elgas (Janesille) 4) 96 Tim Lange (Genoa, IL)
5) 92 Kyle Stark (Waterloo) 6) 96 Alan Dorn (Waterlou)
Fast Qualifier: 27 Jim Tate Jr. (Watertown) : 16.482 seconds
Fast Dash: 80 Mike Meyers (Town of Beloit)
LastChance: 39 Alex Papini, 05 Rob Nuti, 55 PJ Johnson, 89 Lincoln Keeser
Heats: Qual1) 05 Rob Nuti, qual2) 39 Alex Papini, qual3) 27 Jim Tate Jr.

Bandit Division Feature Finish
1) 35 Gary Stark (Waunakee) 2) 7 Kyle Watters (Stoughton)
3) 77 Sean Watters (Sun Prairie) 4) 4 Stephen Scheel (Lake Mills)
5) 27 Kyle Padfield (Stoughton) 6) 22 Matt McKinney
Fast Qualifier: 35 Gary Stark (Waunakee) : 14.317 seconds
Fast Dash: 81 Jeffery Lefave (Fort Atkinson)
LastChance: 24 Tyler White, 8 Jody Schmidt E, 7 Kenny Christenson, 57 Tom Pfeifer
Heats: Qual1) 16 James Bohling, qual2) 7 Kyle Watters, qual3) 35 Gary Stark

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