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Jacob Nottestad May 22 LM Feature Win

Jacob Nottestad Claims his First Victory for the Season

CAMBRIDGE, WI (Saturday, May 22, 2021)             The second week of racing was rained out on May 15, bringing the ladies and gentlemen back to the track for a full night of racing at Wisconsin’s Action Track on May 22.  Six divisions of racing packed the program, highlighted by the Fort Atkinson Small Engines 50 lap Late Model main event. When it was over, third generation driver, Jacob Nottestad, stood victorious after taking the lead on lap 14.

Rookie Ryan Weyer and Luke Westenberg  paced the Clear View Tree Care Late Model feature to green with Weyer jumping on the early lead. Shaun Scheel and Stephen Scheel followed behind the two with Shaun pouncing into second. The top 3 positions remained Weyer, Shaun, and Westenberg for several laps. On lap 9 the first of 4 cautions would happen when Michael Gruenberg, Dale Nottestad and Westenberg got involved with each other in turn one. The field would reline up with those 3 in the rear of the field, the race would restart with Weyer and Shaun leading. On lap 11 the second caution would come out for Gruenberg for a mishap of his hood flying up and making him lose sight of the track. Shaun Scheel would take the lead for 5 laps while Riley Stenjem and Jacob Nottestad were on the move. With Stenjem in second behind Scheel and J. Nottestad not far behind, on lap 14 Nottestad would take the lead with Scheel in second and Stenjem in third. The battle between the top positions gave Nottestad plenty of time to gain a large lead. On lap 17 Stenjem overtook Scheel for second where he would remain the rest of the race. On lap 20 Weyer spun alone causing the third caution of the race. The race restart was with J. Nottestad and Stenjem. On lap 29, the final caution would be brought out by Weyer spinning again and this time into another driver. The race restarted single file with J. Nottestad at the point. On lap 31 D. Nottestad would finally make it to the top 5 and take the 5th position. As laps would continue to tick away, D. Nottestad would continue his pursuit to the top. On lap 36, he moved to the fourth position overtaking Seth Reamer. On lap 41 & 42 he fought Shaun Scheel for the 3rd position finally taking it on lap 43 where he remain until the checker. The race ended single file for the front runners, J. Nottestad, Stenjem, D. Nottestad, Shaun Scheel and Reamer for the top 5.

The Serenity Concepts sportsman feature was claimed by Mark Deporter after a sea saw battle. It started with an almost immediate caution on lap 2. This would be the only caution of the race. It involved Tyler Deporter, Tony Ciano and Tytus Hegestad. Pacing the field on the restart would be Bobby Selsing Jr. and Jason Thoma. With the pole position, Selsing Jr. was able to take the lead. This gave way from M. Deporter who started in 9th position to get to third because of the double file restart after picking his lane. M. Deporter would pass Thoma on lap 6 for second and then continue the hunt on Selsing Jr. The sea saw battle began on lap 20/ 21 when Deporter would make it halfway up Selsing door. Finally on lap 22, M. Deporter would take the lead from Selsing Jr. But Selsing didn’t want second and passed M. Deporter back on lap 23. M. Deporter crossed the start/ finish line again ahead of Selsing Jr. on lap 25 they raced door handle to door handle. But it was finally on lap 25 M. Deporter took the lead the raced to victory lane. Top five finishers: M. Deporter, Selsing Jr. Chris Jones, Tim Coley and Thoma.

James Junget collects the win for the 20 lap Wolff Pack Apparel International feature. Timothy Higgins and Josh Rusch paced the field and after the first lap was complete the first caution was brought out by Rusch, Jason UTech and Carson Strese. The race restarted and Rusch leading the first 4 laps. Mark Dewey made a run for the front and took over the lead on lap 5 with James Junget in a fast chase to the front, only allowing Dewey the lone lap lead. Junget continued to lead the rest of the race. Weston Strese finished second, followed by Jason Uttech, Neil Higgins and finishing your top five T. Higgins.

The last event of the night was the road warrior feature, sponsored by Marc’s Garage of Cambridge. 6 Cars started, with the 15 of Aaron Genske taking the lead. He led for 1, lap when AJ Acardi in the 14 took over and led the rest of the race to win. The real action was midway through the feature between the 17 of Kevin “Sonic” Zimmerman and 16 “Mr. Excitement” Rodger Stevenson. They battled back and forth for 3-4 laps with Zimmerman finally finishing in 3rd ahead of Stevenson. Finishing order, Acardi, Matthew Thoma, Zimmerman, Stevenson, Garrett Meister and Genske.

Matt Krinke claimed the Fort Atkinson Small Engine Bandit 20 lap feature event. Krinke started on the poll and lead the entire race. Finishing in the top five: Krinke, Nick Newton, Carson Phillips, Tommy Bleecker, and Gavin Smothers.

Bandolero feature started with 14 cars. Alex Hartwig, captured the 15 lap CR Custom Construction Bandolero feature race for the second race of the season. 7D Easton Riedner grabbed the hole shot and took the lead on the first lap. He led for 4 laps and was overtaken by 901 Alex Hartwig. On lap 11 the caution was brought out by the 5 of Penn Sauter. With 4 laps to go, Hartwig finished with the win, followed by Cohen Henze, Riedner, Avery Linnerud, and Lincoln Cain.

Next Saturday, May 29, is a special program with a “Salute to the Troops” the ARCA Midwest Series brings the super late models to the track. Time trials at 5pm and racing at 7pm. On Sunday, May 30th, Round One of the Tournament of Destruction with fireworks and racing starting at 7pm. Jefferson Speedway is located halfway between Jefferson and Cambridge on Hwy 18. Please visit for more information.




Late Model Qualifying

Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 97N Jacob Nottestad 14.202
2 94E Jason Erickson 14.212
3 2N Dale Nottestad 14.216
4 77S Riley Stenjem 14.289
5 37R Seth Reamer 14.304
6 1G Michael Gruenberg 14.341
7 33S Dylan Schuyler 14.357
8 4SC Stephan Scheel 14.446
9 8S Shaun Scheel 14.447
10 16W Luke Westenberg 14.47
11 12W Ryan Weyer 14.562
12 56G Kolton Guralski 14.584
13 47M David Malisch 14.657
14 40P Scott Patrick 14.693
15 9K Paul Kisow 14.704
16 61E Jerry Eckhardt 14.704
17 97C Chris Chenoweth 14.707
18 97S Kyle Smth 14.72
19 41T Mike Taylor 14.94
20 17B Bill Bush 15.015
21 7K Ed Kubicz 15.119
22 20W Dale Warner 15.445


Late Models Heat 1

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 97C Chris Chenoweth
2 97S Kyle Smth
3 61E Jerry Eckhardt
4 9K Paul Kisow
5 7K Ed Kubicz
6 41T Mike Taylor
7 17B Bill Bush
8 20W Dale Warner


Late Models Heat 2

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 56G Kolton Guralski
2 1G Michael Gruenberg
3 94E Jason Erickson
4 33S Dylan Schuyler
5 8S Shaun Scheel
6 77S Riley Stenjem
7 40P Scott Patrick


Late Models Heat 3

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 2N Dale Nottestad
2 16W Luke Westenberg
3 12W Ryan Weyer
4 97N Jacob Nottestad
5 4SC Stephan Scheel
6 37R Seth Reamer
7 47M David Malisch


Late Model Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 9K Paul Kisow
2 97S Kyle Smth
3 61E Jerry Eckhardt
4 97C Chris Chenoweth
5 41T Mike Taylor
6 17B Bill Bush
7 7K Ed Kubicz
8 20W Dale Warner


Late Model Feature

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 97N Jacob Nottestad
2 77S Riley Stenjem
3 2N Dale Nottestad
4 8S Shaun Scheel
5 37R Seth Reamer
6 56G Kolton Guralski
7 33S Dylan Schuyler
8 97S Kyle Smth
9 1G Michael Gruenberg
10 9K Paul Kisow
11 61E Jerry Eckhardt
12 40P Scott Patrick
13 12W Ryan Weyer
14 97C Chris Chenoweth
15 4SC Stephan Scheel
16 16W Luke Westenberg
17 94E Jason Erickson
18 47M David Malisch


Sportman Qualifying

Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 28D Mark Deporter 14.779
2 91C Tim Coley 14.794
3 6T Jason Thoma 14.878
4 22J Chris Jones 14.883
5 42S Bobby  Selsing 14.922
6 90H Tytus Helgestad 14.923
7 2D Tyler Deporter 14.952
8 8S Adam Schook 15.01
9 86C Tony Ciano 15.059
10 4T Jim Taylor 15.122
11 71M Josh Madell 15.135
12 26L Mike Lambert 15.164
13 97W Chris Weber 15.17
14 34B Jake Biever 15.292
15 80H Cris Harmon 15.305
16 27K Jay Kalbus 15.305
17 5G Bobby Giers 15.43
18 24T Collin Tomlinson 15.43
19 67 Russ Nicholson 15.466


Sportsman Heat 1

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5G Bobby Giers
2 34B Jake Biever
3 24T Collin Tomlinson
4 80H Cris Harmon
5 67 Russ Nicholson
6 97W Chris Weber
7 27K Jay Kalbus


Sportsman Heat 2

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 4T Jim Taylor
2 26L Mike Lambert
3 90H Tytus Helgestad
4 22J Chris Jones
5 8S Adam Schook
6 91C Tim Coley


Sportsman Heat 3

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 6T Jason Thoma
2 71M Josh Madell
3 2D Tyler Deporter
4 28D Mark Deporter
5 86C Tony Ciano
6 42S Bobby  Selsing


Sportsman Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5G Bobby Giers
2 27K Jay Kalbus
3 34B Jake Biever
4 24T Collin Tomlinson
5 80H Cris Harmon
6 97W Chris Weber
7 67 Russ Nicholson


Sportsman Feature

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 28D Mark Deporter
2 42S Bobby  Selsing
3 22J Chris Jones
4 91C Tim Coley
5 6T Jason Thoma
6 4T Jim Taylor
7 90H Tytus Helgestad
8 71M Josh Madell
9 26L Mike Lambert
10 5G Bobby Giers
11 27K Jay Kalbus
12 8S Adam Schook
13 86C Tony Ciano
14 2D Tyler Deporter
15 34B Jake Biever
16 24T Collin Tomlinson


International Qualifying

Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 92S Karter Stark 15.576
2 82D Mark Dewey 15.768
3 27J James Junget 15.839
4 36U Jason  Uttech 15.971
5 11S Weston Strese 15.977
6 66H Neil Higgins 16.018
7 8W Carson Weston 16.118
8 92R Josh Rusch 16.17
9 77H Timothy Higgins 16.175
10 2R Jim Ronspiez 16.39
11 7B Jeremy Bredeson 16.637
12 21E Tyler Edmundson 16.767
13 12P Caden Pankow 16.78
14 45W Michael Weissmann 16.828


International Heat 1

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 12P Caden Pankow
2 92R Josh Rusch
3 2R Jim Ronspiez
4 21E Tyler Edmundson
5 77H Timothy Higgins
6 45W Michael Weissmann
7 7B Jeremy Bredeson


International Heat 2

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 11S Weston Strese
2 66H Neil Higgins
3 27J James Junget
4 92S Karter Stark
5 36U Jason  Uttech
6 82D Mark Dewey
7 8W Carson Strese


International Feature

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 27J James Junget
2 11S Weston Strese
3 36U Jason  Uttech
4 66H Neil Higgins
5 77H Timothy Higgins
6 92R Josh Rusch
7 92S Karter Stark
8 7B Jeremy Bredeson
9 2R Jim Ronspiez
10 21E Tyler Edmundson
11 12P Caden Pankow
12 82D Mark Dewey
13 45W Michael Weissmann
14 8W Carson Strese


Road Warrior Qualifying

Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 9T Matthew Thoma 16.476
2 8R Brittany Reynolds 16.484
3 14A AJ Acardi 16.548
4 16S Rodger Stevenson 17.255
5 15G Aaron Genske 17.338
6 17Z Kevin Zimmerman 17.7


Road Warrior Heat

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 9T Matthew Thoma
2 15G Aaron Genske
3 16S Rodger Stevenson
4 17Z Kevin Zimmerman
5 14A AJ Acardi
6 8R Brittany Reynolds


Road Warrior Feature

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 14A AJ Acardi
2 9T Matthew Thoma
3 17Z Kevin Zimmerman
4 16S Rodger Stevenson
5 21M Garrett Meister
6 15G Aaron Genske


Bandit Qualifying

Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 71J Brandon Johnson 14.369
2 165B Tommy Bleecker 14.382
3 15P Carson Phillips 14.522
4 12J Ashlynn Jarlsberg 14.545
5 41N Nick Newton 14.615
6 83R Travis Rose 14.747
7 18S Gavin Smothers 14.768
8 5O Ryan Oetzel 14.873
9 29K Matt Krinke 14.974
10 133 Waylon Robinson 15.204
11 62D Ethan Degner 15.205
12 61G Chris Gottschalk 15.301
13 2W Matt Weber 15.433
14 16L Carly Lenz 15.509
15 89K Josh Kienbaum 15.555
16 72R Rianne Ramsik 15.564


Bandit Heat 1

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 133 Waylon Robinson
2 29K Matt Krinke
3 61G Chris Gottschalk
4 16L Carly Lenz
5 2W Matt Weber
6 89K Josh Kienbaum
7 81B Scott Barlass
8 62D Ethan Degner


Bandit Heat 2

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5O Ryan Oetzel
2 83R Travis Rose
3 71J Brandon Johnson
4 165B Tommy Bleecker
5 15P Carson Phillips
6 12J Ashlynn Jarlsberg
7 41N Nick Newton
8 18S Gavin Smothers


Bandit Feature

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 29K Matt Krinke
2 41N Nick Newton
3 15P Carson Phillips
4 165B Tommy Bleecker
5 18S Gavin Smothers
6 12J Ashlynn Jarlsberg
7 61B Zack Barnes
8 133 Waylon Robinson
9 2W Matt Weber
10 81B Scott Barlass
11 71J Brandon Johnson
12 83R Travis Rose
13 72R Rianne Ramsik
14 5O Ryan Oetzel
15 16L Carly Lenz


Bandolero Qualifying

Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 52L Avery Linnerud 16.817
2 88H Cohen Henze 16.839
3 901H Alex Hartwig 16.944
4 5C Lincoln Cain 17.16
5 11W Kaeden Wangsness 17.247
6 7D Easton Riedner 17.385
7 8 Haylee Flairty 17.563
8 9M Collin Murphy 17.666
9 111K Marianna Kubicz 17.677
10 17W Teegan Wangsness 17.756
11 64B Cooper Bordendofer 17.887
12 29O Axel Oldenhoff 17.93
13 70K Keegan Kehoe 17.946
14 22G Chase Gronert 18.147
15 60G Chase  Gottschalk 18.343
16 5S Penn Sauter 18.366
17 22T Bentley Thompson 18.54
18 8J Jaden Johnson 18.59
19 17L Mason Lenz 18.641
20 06B Parker Bodendorfer 18.714
21 000 Lincoln Johnson 18.738
22 10B Emily Billings 18.828
23 61 Paegan Ellingson 18.938
24 7J Harley Johnson 19.138
25 114 Peyton Kubicz 19.319


Bandolero Heat 1

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 61 Paegan Ellingson
2 06B Parker Bodendorfer
3 114 Peyton Kubicz
4 7J Harley Johnson
5 10B Emily Billings
6 0 Lincoln Johnson
7 17L Mason Lenz


Bandolero Heat 2

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5S Penn Sauter
2 70K Keegan Kehoe
3 8J Jaden Johnson
4 22T Bentley Thompson
5 60G Chase  Gottschalk
6 22G Chase Gronert


Bandolero Heat 3

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 29O Axel Oldenhoff
2 64B Cooper Bordendofer
3 9M Collin Murphy
4 8 Haylee Flairty
5 111K Marianna Kubicz
6 17W Teegan Wangsness



Bandolero Heat 4

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 7D Easton Riedner
2 88H Cohen Henze
3 901H Alex Hartwig
4 52L Avery Linnerud
5 5C Lincoln Cain
6 11W Kaeden Wangsness


Bandolero Consy

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 10B Emily Billings
2 06B Parker Bodendorfer
3 114 Peyton Kubicz
4 7J Harley Johnson
5 17L Mason Lenz
6 61 Paegan Ellingson
7 000 Lincoln Johnson


Bandolero Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5S Penn Sauter
2 29O Axel Oldenhoff
3 70K Keegan Kehoe
4 8J Jaden Johnson
5 64B Cooper Bordendofer
6 22G Chase Gronert
7 22T Bentley Thompson
8 06B Parker Bodendorfer
9 10B Emily Billings
10 60G Chase  Gottschalk


Bandolero Feature

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 901H Alex Hartwig
2 88H Cohen Henze
3 7D Easton Riedner
4 52L Avery Linnerud
5 5C Lincoln Cain
6 8 Haylee Flairty
7 9M Collin Murphy
8 29O Axel Oldenhoff
9 11W Kaeden Wangsness
10 70K Keegan Kehoe
11 111K Marianna Kubicz
12 8J Jaden Johnson
13 5S Penn Sauter
14 17W Teegan Wangsness


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