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JEFFERSON, Wis. (July 18, 2021) – With many laps and a lot of family success at Jefferson Speedway, expectations were that Jacob Nottestad would be good in his TUNDRA Super Late Model Series debut Saturday night.  However, no one knew just how good he would be.

Nottestad slipped to the lead past early-race leader John Beale on lap 18 of the Transport Services LLC 75 and cruised to victory utilizing the car he races as a weekly Late Model at Jefferson Speedway. It’s been nearly four years since a driver won in his first TUNDRA start, last happening when Chris Wimmer was victorious in August of 2017 at State Park Speedway.


“It definitely couldn’t be a better start to the Super Late Model career,” Nottestad said. “I definitely didn’t expect to run this good. I knew we were going to be decent with our car. It just kept getting better and better and we ended up getting ‘er done.”


Starting from the outside of the third row, Nottestad held in through an early botched start and a caution.  The top line had edged ahead coming to the line for lap one, allowing drivers who had been on the outside line to choose the inside for the restart.  Beale selected the bottom with Ryan Farrell and Nottestad following down low.


On the restart Beale was able to get away from Brady Bill, bringing Farrell and Nottestad for the ride.  Justin Mondeik and Mike Lichtfeld settled in behind.  On lap seven, Nottestad worked his way past Farrell and set his sights on Beale, who had built a seven-car-length advantage.


As Nottestad slowly started to reel in Beale, the rest of the Top Five were scrambling for position.  Farrell was left to try to hold off the charges of Mondeik, who was constant in his pursuit of the Third spot.  By lap 25 Nottestad had caught Beale and began a three-lap attack resulting in him taking the lead.


“We caught him, then fell back a little bit and then finally just started getting better and better,” Nottestad said.  “I was able to drive under him coming off two and set sail from there.”


Behind the lead duo the battle for Third was frantic. Mondeik made his move on lap 34 and got to the inside of Farrell with Casey Johnson in hot pursuit. The tight quarters racing resulted in a chain reaction Johnson spin out of turn two, bringing another yellow and restacking the field.


On the restart Nottestad was joined on the front row by Mondeik as Beale selected the inside lane.  Nottestad was able to hold off Mondeik on that restart and another restart eight laps later when Brady Bill and Grant Thompson got together.


Nottestad and Mondeik made some contact racing for the lead, but both were able to escape – with Nottestad emerging at the front of the pack again.  He left Mondeik to deal with Beale and Section 715 Throwing Co. Fast Qualifier Riley Stenjem.  The four settled in until another caution fell with eight laps remaining.


As had been the case on the previous two restarts, Nottestad surged from the field on the inside line.  Behind him the action heated up for Second, resulting in a tangle between Mondeik and Beale.  The result would give Riley Stenjem a chance to restart in Second alongside Nottestad.


“I knew Stenjem was going to be quick so I was definitely going to get up on the wheel and keep the heat in the tires,” Nottestad commented “We were able to clear him off two and go from there.”


Through the final five laps Nottestad was able to maintain a comfortable advantage. Stenjem fell into the hands of Ryan Farrell and surrendered Second late in the race.  Brock Heinrich – utilizing a different car due to an accident earlier in the week – was able to surge to Third, passing Stenjem late in the race.


The top four was followed to the line by Jordan DeVoy, who bounced back from some bad luck in the first half of 2021.  Johnson was able to recover and finish Sixth.


For Nottestad, it was another notch in the belt of his career as he starts to make his name known more throughout the racing community.  He credits his team and his time behind the wheel at the tricky quarter-mile.


“A lot of guys come here and struggle. It’s really tough to figure out,” he said. “Having our rookie year almost five years ago now, I was able to learn a lot there and pick up the line watching guys like Casey Johnson and Dale Nottestad. That helped a ton. I was able to keep hitting my marks in one and two and just kept getting faster in three and four.”


The first of twin 25 lap Hobby Stock features ended with Johnson Creek’s Nick Bruley in victory lane. Starting on the pole, Bruley grabbed the top spot as the green flag waved. Jon Benninger slipped behind him in second as the leaders lined up single file. Shane Radtke drove up to the third position as the laps ticked away. Bruley remained strong on the point to see the checkers first and secure the win. Benninger was second followed by Radtke, Jim Tate Jr and Brandon Riedner.

Andy Raley jumped out to the early lead as the second 25 lapper got underway. Jessica Breunig drove up behind Raley into second on lap three. On lap ten, Breunig took to the high side of the leader, Raley. She drew even with Raley and slid into the lead alone on lap 12. Jim Tate Jr joined the battle at the front, getting around Raley on lap 14 and setting his sights on Breunig. On lap 15, Tate and Breunig made slight contact entering turn three and forcing Breunig to check up. This allowed Tate to motor into the lead and take off towards the checkers. Chris Flairty and Brandon Riedner waged a great battle for second throughout the remainder of the event. At the checkers, it was Tate for the win with Flairty getting second over Riedner. Shane Radtke was fourth with Scott Riedner rounding out the top five.

The Bandit division also competed in twin feature events. Carson Phillips of Edgerton claimed the first 20 lapper. Tyler White grabbed the early lead with Mason Wilcott in second. Wilcott moved past White to grab the lead on lap four. Ashlynn Jarlsberg got to second just before the first of two cautions waved on lap ten. Wilcott and Jarlsberg led the field back to green with Wilcott reclaiming the top spot on the restart. Meanwhile, Phillips was charging toward the front on the high side. Phillips powered into the lead on lap 13. Phillips survived one last caution in the closing laps to cross the stripe first for the win. Nick Newton was second followed by Tyler Deporter, White and Nick Schmidt.

Jon Petitt took the early lead in the second Bandit feature. On lap two, Brandon Johnson drove up alongside Petitt, drivin into the lead before the lap completed. Nick Schmidt drove into second on lap five. A caution lap eight slowed the pace, pitting Johnson and Tyler Deporter on the front row for the restart. Johnson moved back out front as the green waved again. Another yellow on lap 16 set up a four lap shootout to the finish. Johnson once again took control on the restart with Nick Newton now up to second to challenge. But Johnson held him at bay to see the checkers first and get the victory. Newton was second with Carson Phillips, Deporter and Schmidt rounding out the top five.

AJ Accardi claimed the win in the 12 lap Road Warrior feature event. Bill Reynolds took control of the top spot early in the race with Accardi quickly up to second. Accardi shadowed Reynolds for the entirety of the event with Reynolds managing to keep him behind. Reynolds led the way across the stripe to complete the event. Following post race inspection, Reynolds was forced to vacate his position, handing the win to Accardi. Matthew Thoma was second followed by Garrett Meister in third.

Next Saturday, July 24, is a full program of racing including the return of the Midwest Truck Series to Wisconsin’s Action Track. Time trials begin at 4pm with racing at 6pm. Jefferson Speedway is located halfway between Jefferson and Cambridge on Hwy 18. Please visit for more information.




TUNDRA Super Late Models-


Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 77 Riley Stenjem 13.43
2 38 Jordan DeVoy 13.435
3 99 Jake Zellmer 13.444
4 54 Grant Thompson 13.484
5 5j Casey Johnson 13.518
6 97 Jacob Nottestad 13.52
7 44L Mike Lichfeld 13.528
8 80 Ryan Ferrell 13.553
9 44M Justin Mondeik 13.592
10 5B John Beale 13.609
11 70 Brady Bill 13.62
12 17 Max Kahler 13.642
13 89 Nick Egan 13.676
14 21 Brock Heinrich 13.71
15 34 Brandon Hill 13.744
16 33 Kevin Knuese 13.77
17 16 Luke Westenberg 13.784
18 76 Travis Volm 13.787
19 2j Darren Jackson 13.814
20 8s Shaun Scheel 13.817
21 107 Darek Gress 13.818
22 8w Josh Wallace 13.821
23 32 Steve Lichtfeld 13.848
24 1 Wyatt Blashe 13.873
25 2t Jordan Thiel 13.878
26 64 Mike Olson 13.963
27 40 Curt Tillman 14.051
28 87 Brent Edmunds 0



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 16 Luke Westenberg
2 34 Brandon Hill
3 2j Darren Jackson
4 2t Jordan Thiel
5 40 Curt Tillman
6 32 Steve Lichtfeld


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 8s Shaun Scheel
2 76 Travis Volm
3 64 Mike Olson
4 8w Josh Wallace
5 87 Brent Edmunds
6 33 Kevin Knuese
7 1 Wyatt Blashe


Fast Heat

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 44L Mike Lichfeld
2 97 Jacob Nottestad
3 44M Justin Mondeik
4 5B John Beale
5 21 Brock Heinrich
6 80 Ryan Ferrell
7 89 Nick Egan
8 70 Brady Bill


Fast Dash

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5j Casey Johnson
2 99 Jake Zellmer
3 77 Riley Stenjem
4 38 Jordan DeVoy
5 54 Grant Thompson


Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 40 Curt Tillman
2 76 Travis Volm
3 8w Josh Wallace
4 87 Brent Edmunds
5 1 Wyatt Blashe
6 33 Kevin Knuese
7 2j Darren Jackson
8 32 Steve Lichtfeld
9 64 Mike Olson
10 17 Max Kahler



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 97 Jacob Nottestad
2 80 Ryan Ferrell
3 21 Brock Heinrich
4 77 Riley Stenjem
5 38 Jordan DeVoy
6 5j Casey Johnson
7 99 Jake Zellmer
8 8w Josh Wallace
9 2t Jordan Thiel
10 44M Justin Mondeik
11 16 Luke Westenberg
12 89 Nick Egan
13 34 Brandon Hill
14 5B John Beale
15 54 Grant Thompson
16 44L Mike Lichfeld
17 8s Shaun Scheel
18 70 Brady Bill
19 76 Travis Volm
20 87 Brent Edmunds
21 17 Max Kahler
22 40 Curt Tillman


Hobby Stock


Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 114 Chris Flairty 15.605
2 27T Jim Tate  Jr 15.639
3 4D Bud Riedner 15.659
4 26R Chico Riedner 15.689
5 14R Andy Raley 15.859
6 52R Shane Radtke Jr 15.886
7 31A Brandon Angileri 15.919
8 23JB Jessica Breunig 15.923
9 10B Jon Benniger 15.925
10 23NB Nick Bruley 15.954
11 05B Tucker Bodendorfer 15.997
12 39S Ken Scott 16.13
13 8W Chase Wangsness 16.152
14 34K Mike Krueger 16.285
15 7W Jim Wolf 16.493


Feature #1

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 23NB Nick Bruley
2 10B Jon Benniger
3 52R Shane Radtke Jr
4 27T Jim Tate  Jr
5 4D Bud Riedner
6 26R Chico Riedner
7 114 Chris Flairty
8 31A Brandon Angileri
9 23JB Jessica Breunig
10 05B Tucker Bodendorfer
11 14R Andy Raley
12 8W Chase Wangsness
13 34K Mike Krueger
14 7W Jim Wolf
15 39S Ken Scott


Feature #2

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 27T Jim Tate  Jr
2 114 Chris Flairty
3 4D Bud Riedner
4 52R Shane Radtke Jr
5 26R Chico Riedner
6 14R Andy Raley
7 05B Tucker Bodendorfer
8 10B Jon Benniger
9 23NB Nick Bruley
10 8W Chase Wangsness
11 39S Ken Scott
12 34K Mike Krueger
13 7W Jim Wolf
14 23JB Jessica Breunig





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 15P Carson Phillips 14.097
2 09X Nick Schmidt 14.383
3 71J Brandon Johnson 14.454
4 X Tyler Deporter 14.61
5 41N Nick Newton 14.667
6 12J Ashlynn Jarlsberg 14.746
7 64R Kyle Riedner 14.79
8 109S Mason Wilcott 14.842
9 133R Waylon Robinson 14.899
10 24 Tyler White 14.9
11 29K Matt Krinke 14.991
12 50P Jon Pettit 15.127
13 40 David Kinjerski 15.245
14 5O Ryan Oetzel 15.417
15 175 Josh Dearborn 15.859
16 9B Brian Brewster 16.948
17 4x Dillon Eagan 0


Feature #1

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 15P Carson Phillips
2 41N Nick Newton
3 X Tyler Deporter
4 24 Tyler White
5 09X Nick Schmidt
6 71J Brandon Johnson
7 40 David Kinjerski
8 50P Jon Pettit
9 175 Josh Dearborn
10 133R Waylon Robinson
11 109S Mason Wilcott
12 9B Brian Brewster
13 29K Matt Krinke
14 12J Ashlynn Jarlsberg
15 5O Ryan Oetzel
16 64R Kyle Riedner


Feature #2

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 71J Brandon Johnson
2 41N Nick Newton
3 15P Carson Phillips
4 X Tyler Deporter
5 09X Nick Schmidt
6 50P Jon Pettit
7 40 David Kinjerski
8 29K Matt Krinke
9 5O Ryan Oetzel
10 109S Mason Wilcott
11 133R Waylon Robinson
12 175 Josh Dearborn
13 9B Brian Brewster
14 24 Tyler White
15 64R Kyle Riedner



Road Warrior


Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 14A AJ Acardi 16.375
2 9T Matthew Thoma 16.421
3 21M Garrett Meister 17.063
4 16S Roger Stevenson 17.402
5 17Z Kevin Zimmerman 17.445
6 38W Mike Winters 19.965
DQ 38R Bill Reynolds 16.485



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 14A AJ Acardi
2 9T Matthew Thoma
3 21M Garrett Meister
4 16S Roger Stevenson
5 17Z Kevin Zimmerman
6 38W Mike Winters
DQ 38R Bill Reynolds



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 14A AJ Acardi
2 9T Matthew Thoma
3 21M Garrett Meister
4 16S Roger Stevenson
5 17Z Kevin Zimmerman
6 38W Mike Winters
DQ 38R Bill Reynolds


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