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Jason Schuler Claims Fort Quick Cash 50!

By Larry Starr

May 6, 2005; Jefferson, Wis. – It was Autograph and Picture night at Jefferson Speedway, with the schedule adjusted to allow time for fans to spend time on the track, with their favorite drivers, and their cars.

Cambridge native Jason Schuler, motored from a 9th place start to claim top honors in the “Fort Quick Cash 50,” Late Model feature. As Ken Olson grabbed the early lead Schuler started his drive to the front. Olson surrendered the point, to Chris Quam, on lap 2, as Schuler moved up to the 4th spot.

Schuler motored into the 2nd spot on lap 11, closing with Quam. Moving to the inside, Schuler powered past Quam, and guided the way from there to the checkers. As they flew past the checkered flag it was Schuler for the win, followed by Ken Piotrowski, Jason Erickson, Tim Noble and Quam.

In Sportsman division action James Helmer of Oconomowoc claimed top honors in the 30 lap main event. Starting from the pole, Helmer led all but 1 lap, momentarily losing the point to Scott “Chico” Riedner on lap 18. Riedner’s turn at the point was brief, with Helmer edging back to the front by lap 19.

The race slowed for one caution, on lap 22, for an, apparent, blown engine. On the restart Trent Erdman motored to the 2nd spot, closing with Helmer, but was never able to find his way to the lead. Helmer was first to the checkered flag, followed by Erdman, Dave Oswald, Riedner and Mark Deporter.

Chris Nelson of Cottage Grove claimed the win, in the 30 lap International division feature. Starting 7th in the field, Nelson watched Mike Winters grab the early lead. Driving to the 2nd spot, by lap 5, Nelson closed with Winters. Following a, 2 lap, battle Nelson took the lead, as Mark English joined the battle for second. At the stripe it was Nelson for the win, followed by English, Winters, Mark Joyner and Mike Hoppe.

In Hobby Stock action Eaan Carson of Fort Atkinson won the 20 lap main event. Starting 3rd, Carson saw Jim Williams jump to the early lead. Moving past Scott Carson, for 2nd, on lap 4 Eaan Carson looked ahead to Williams. Caution came, on lap 5, for a spin in turn 2. On the restart Carson powered past Williams, assuming the point by lap 6. At the finish it was Eaan Carson at the front, followed by Ken Au, Williams, Scott Carson and Jim Robinson.

In Bandit action Brian Paulson of Edgerton came from a 12th place start to claim victory in the 18 lap feature. At the green flag it was Zak Czeszynski to the early lead. Czeszynski led the way for a lap before surrendering the point to Mark Balis. Paulson made his way to the front, claiming 2nd on lap 11 and the lead on lap 12. Paulson was first to the checkers followed by Cory Skolaski, Bobby Selsing, Balis and Chris Hart.

As is the custom, for this event, the fans voted, with their applause, for their choice of the “Best Appearing Car,” in each division. Winning the honors, this year, were: Steve Dobbratz in the Late Model, Scott “Chico” Riedner in the Sportsman, Brandon Kozak in the International, Ken Au in the Hobby Stock and Zak Czeszynski in the Bandits.

Next week Jefferson Speedway hosts the “B&M Electric 50” with a 50 lap Late Model feature and a full racing program, in all 5 divisions. Gates open at 2:00, Qualifying starts at 4:30 and racing at 7:00 sharp.

Jefferson Speedway is half way between Cambridge and Jefferson Wisconsin, on highway 18.

Jefferson Speedway Race Summary – 05/07/2005 Fort Quick Cash Night
Late Model Division Feature Finish
1) 97 Jason Schuler (Cambridge) 2) 6 Ken Piotrowski (Janesville)
3) 94 Jason Erickson 4) 71 Tim Noble (Janesville)
5) 4 Chris Quam (Stoughton) 6) 16 Luke Westenberg (Watertown)
7) 99 Doug Hahn (Whitewater) 8) 19 Chad Reimer
9) 68 Ken Olson 10) 82 Chad Stevens (Orfordville)
11) 41 Mike Taylor (Stoughton) 12) 46 Nick Wendt
13) 44 Roger Behlke 14) 33 Dylan Schuler
15) 71 Jason Deppe (Waterloo) 16) 59 Paul Edmundson (Whitewater)
17) 20 Bret Scmidt (watertown) 18) 11 Tim Petrie (Whitewater)
19) 52 Steve Dobbratz (Rio) 20) 1 Jody Krueger (Edgerton)
21) 12 Allen Petrie Jr (Sun Prairie)
Fast Qualifier: 16 Luke Westenberg (Watertown) : 14.254 seconds
Heats: Dash) 33 Dylan Schuler, Qual1) 4 Chris Quam, Qual2) 68 Ken Olson

International Division Feature Finish
1) 73 Chris Nelson (Cottage Grove) 2) 57 Mark English
3) 12 Mike Winters (Sun Prairie) 4) 4 Mark Joyner (Palmyra)
5) 55 Mike Hoppe Sr. (Milwaukee) 6) 36 Bill Sweeney (Janesville)
Fast Qualifier: 73 Chris Nelson (Cottage Grove) : 16.743 seconds
Heats: Dash) 73 Chris Nelson, Qual1) 12 Mike Winters

Sportsman Division Feature Finish
1) 7 James Helmer (Oconomowoc) 2) 11 Trent Erdman (Fort Atkinson)
3) 31 David Oswald (Cottage Grove) 4) 26 Scott Riedner (Waunakee)
5) 28 Mark DePorter (Fort Atkinson) 6) 42 Tom Rents
Fast Qualifier: 31 David Oswald (Cottage Grove : 15.312 seconds
Heats: Dash) 26 Scott Riedner, Qual1) 17 Mike Bingham, qual2) 7 James Helmer

Hobby Stock Division Feature Finish
1) 2 Eaan Carson 2) 31 Ken Au (Jefferson)
3) J10 Jim Williams (Milton) 4) 7 Scott Carson
5) 33 Jim Robinson 6) 52 Pete Elgas (Janesville)
Fast Qualifier: 67 Russ Nicholson (Stoughton) : 16.800 seconds
Last Chance: 50 Jim Schimdt, 29 Ryan Oldenhoft, 25 Jim Lampen, 56 Randy Strasburg
Heats: Dash) 99 Johnny Robinson, Qual1) 94.1 Mike Storkson, qual2) J10 Jim Williams

Bandit Division Feature Finish
1) 41 Brian Paulson (Edgerton) 2) 8 Cory Skolaski (Fitchburg)
3) 42 Bobby Selsing Jr (Fort Atkinso 4) 92 Marc W. Balis (Edgerton)
5) 22 Chris Hart (Edgerton) 6) 86 Ron Nelson (Utica)
Fast Qualifier: 41 Brian Paulson (Edgerton) : 14.834 seconds
Last Chance: 3 Brian Padfield Lsch1 Stoughton Ford probe
Heats: Dash) 92 Andy Bauler, Qual1) 1 Kyle Reidner, qual2) 6 Zac Czesymeski

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