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Nottestad Nails Down Second Win of Season

CAMBRIDGE, WI (Saturday, June 12, 2021)          Five time Jefferson Speedway Late Model track champion secured his second feature win of the 2021 season on Saturday night at Wisconsin’s Action Track. The Cambridge pilot powered to the front of the field and drove away to grab the win in the CNC Solutions 50 lap main event.

Scott Patrick led lap one from the outside of row one with Chris Chenoweth up to second. Chenoweth slipped by Patrick on lap six to grab the top spot. Kyle Smith followed into second a couple laps later while Nottestad began to shadow the top five. With Chenoweth still showing the way, Nottestad maneuvered into fifth on lap 16. Nottestad continued forward, grabbing fourth on lap 19 and quickly going to work on Patrick for third. Just after Nottestad completed the pass for third, a caution slowed the pace on lap 24. Chenoweth and Smith paced the field back to green with Nottestad watching from third. Chenoweth reclaimed the lead on the restart with Nottestad working over Smith for second. After getting by Smith on lap 28, Nottestad set his sights on Chenoweth at the front. Nottestad got under the leader on lap 29, moving out front alone a lap later. Dylan Schuyler made his move for the runner up spot on lap 35. After dispatching of Chenoweth for second, Schuyler looked to close on Nottestad for the lead. But Nottestad remained in control, racing past the checkers first to secure the win. Schuyler came home in second with rookie pilot, Kolton Guralski in third. Chenoweth and Smith rounded out the top five.

Brand new daddy, Bobby Selsing Jr of Fort Atkinson, added to the family celebration by scoring the win in the 30 lap Sportsman feature event. Jim Taylor and Tyler Deporter led the field to green as they battled side by side for control. Taylor took the advantage on lap three with Chris Jones moving into second. Jones went right to work on Taylor, grabbing the lead on lap five. Selsing followed into second as he began to size up the new leader. On lap ten, Selsing drove to the outside of Jones, drawing even for the lead a lap later. By lap 12, Selsing was in clean air out front as he began to pull away. A yellow on lap 20 erased his lead, pitting him next to his father-in-law, Mark Deporter for the restart. But as the green flew again, Selsing returned to the point, holding his lead through the checkers to get the feature win. Jones got back up to second with Tytus Helgestad, Taylor and Tim Coley rounding out the top five.

Janesville’s Devon Dixon powered to the win in the 20 lap International feature event. Tyler Edmundson took the early lead until a caution on lap three slowed the action. Edmundson and Mark Dewey led the field back to green with Dewey moving to the lead on the restart. Dixon followed into second on lap five and quickly dove under Dewey for the lead. Dixon completed the pass on lap seven and immediately began to stretch his advantage. Meanwhile Karter Stark was making his way into the top five. By lap 12, Stark was up to second and looking to close on Dixon. But Dixon was already comfortably out front on his way to collecting the feature win. Stark settled for second with Weston Strese, James Junget and Neil Higgins rounding out the top five.

Shane Radtke Jr of Johnson Creek picked up the win in the 25 lap Hobby Stock main event. Korey Bengsch led early from the front row with Chuck Egli and Nick Bruley battling for second. Bruley took the spot and continued forward alongside Bengsch on lap four. After racing wheel to wheel for several laps, Bruley moved out front alone on lap nine. Radtke followed into second a lap later with Brandon Riedner in tow for third. Radtke began to challenge the new leader, drawing even with Bruley on lap 13. After a brief battle, Radtke took over the lead on lap 15 while Riedner began to work on Bruley for second. Radtke held the advantage through the checkers to pick up the win while Bruley held off Riedner to claim second. Jim Tate Jr was fourth followed by Chris Flairty in fifth.

In Bandit action, Ryan Oetzel of Brodhead was awarded the 20 lap feature win. Waylon Robinson lead lap one from the pole with Nick Newton charging toward the front on the high side. A caution on lap three pitted Robinson and Newton on the front row for the restart. After a side by side battle, Newton moved out front until another yellow on lap ten slowed the action. As racing resumed, Newton once again assumed the top spot and held the position ahead of Oetzel through the checkers. Following post race inspection, Newton was forced to vacate his finish, handing the win over to Oetzel. Carson Phillips, Brandon Johnson, Ashlynn Jarlsberg and Matt Krinke completed the top five at the finish.

AJ Accardi claimed the 15 lap Road Warrior feature event. After leading early, Kevin Zimmerman relinquished the top spot to Matthew Thoma on lap five. Accardi moved up to challenge Thoma a lap later as the duo battled for control. After a caution on lap eight, Accardi assumed the lead and held on to capture the checkers. Thoma finished second followed by Aaron Genske, Garrett Meister and Hunter Milbrath.

Next Saturday, June 19, is a full program of racing with time trials at 4pm and racing at 6pm. Jefferson Speedway is located halfway between Jefferson and Cambridge on Hwy 18. Please visit for more information.





Late Model-


Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 94E Jason Erickson 14.238
2 2N Dale Nottestad 14.416
3 1G Michael Gruenberg 14.462
4 37R Seth Reamer 14.623
5 33S Dylan Schuyler 14.637
6 56G Kolton Guralski 14.701
7 97C Chris Chenoweth 14.72
8 9K Paul Kisow 14.722
9 77L Bruce Lee 14.744
10 12W Ryan Weyer 14.752
11 97S Kyle Smth 14.8
12 61E Jerry Eckhardt 14.892
13 40P Scott Patrick 15.01
14 3O Laney Osborne 15.034
15 41T Mike Taylor 15.094
16 39K Ryan Kemnetz 15.103
17 7K Ed Kubicz 15.481
18 70S Alan Shierling 15.5
19 20W Dale Warner 15.631
20 16 Russ Grossen 0


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 39K Ryan Kemnetz
2 40P Scott Patrick
3 3O Laney Osborne
4 41T Mike Taylor
5 7K Ed Kubicz
6 20W Dale Warner
7 70S Alan Shierling


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 2N Dale Nottestad
2 61E Jerry Eckhardt
3 56G Kolton Guralski
4 37R Seth Reamer
5 9K Paul Kisow
6 12W Ryan Weyer


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 94E Jason Erickson
2 33S Dylan Schuyler
3 1G Michael Gruenberg
4 97S Kyle Smth
5 97C Chris Chenoweth
6 77L Bruce Lee



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 2N Dale Nottestad
2 33S Dylan Schuyler
3 56G Kolton Guralski
4 97C Chris Chenoweth
5 97S Kyle Smth
6 61E Jerry Eckhardt
7 37R Seth Reamer
8 1G Michael Gruenberg
9 40P Scott Patrick
10 9K Paul Kisow
11 77L Bruce Lee
12 12W Ryan Weyer
13 41T Mike Taylor
14 94E Jason Erickson
15 3O Laney Osborne
16 7K Ed Kubicz
17 20W Dale Warner





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 6T Jason Thoma 14.881
2 42S Bobby  Selsing 14.945
3 91C Tim Coley 14.97
4 28D Mark Deporter 14.996
5 22J Chris Jones 15.025
6 90H Tytus Helgestad 15.07
7 2D Tyler Deporter 15.15
8 4T Jim Taylor 15.155
9 27K Jay Kalbus 15.167
10 34B Jake Biever 15.188
11 86C Tony Ciano 15.259
12 26L Mike Lambert 15.286
13 8S Adam Schook 15.293
14 80H Cris Harmon 15.37
15 5G Bobby Giers 15.397
16 98B Mike Bleeker 15.483
17 67N Russ Nicholson 15.612
18 119 Bradon DeLacy 15.766


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5G Bobby Giers
2 119 Bradon DeLacy
3 80H Cris Harmon
4 8S Adam Schook
5 98B Mike Bleeker
6 67N Russ Nicholson


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 34B Jake Biever
2 26L Mike Lambert
3 90H Tytus Helgestad
4 4T Jim Taylor
5 28D Mark Deporter
6 42S Bobby  Selsing


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 86C Tony Ciano
2 6T Jason Thoma
3 91C Tim Coley
4 2D Tyler Deporter
5 22J Chris Jones
6 27K Jay Kalbus



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 42S Bobby  Selsing
2 22J Chris Jones
3 90H Tytus Helgestad
4 4T Jim Taylor
5 91C Tim Coley
6 2D Tyler Deporter
7 6T Jason Thoma
8 34B Jake Biever
9 5G Bobby Giers
10 80H Cris Harmon
11 27K Jay Kalbus
12 119 Bradon DeLacy
13 8S Adam Schook
14 86C Tony Ciano
15 26L Mike Lambert
DQ 28D Mark Deporter





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 92S Karter Stark 15.698
2 111 Devon Dixon 15.773
3 66H Neil Higgins 15.872
4 11S Weston Strese 15.941
5 27J James Junget 16.032
6 92R Josh Rusch 16.041
7 82D Mark Dewey 16.091
8 36U Jason  Uttech 16.129
9 8S Carson Strese 16.18
10 21E Tyler Edmundson 16.488
11 165 Tommy Bleeker 16.529
12 2R Jim Ronspiez 16.595
13 12P Caden Pankow 16.62
14 45W Michael Weissmann 16.635
15 77H Timothy Higgins 0


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 36U Jason  Uttech
2 8S Carson Strese
3 2R Jim Ronspiez
4 165 Tommy Bleeker
5 45W Michael Weissmann
6 12P Caden Pankow


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 27J James Junget
2 92S Karter Stark
3 82D Mark Dewey
4 111 Devon Dixon
5 11S Weston Strese
6 66H Neil Higgins
7 92R Josh Rusch



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 111 Devon Dixon
2 92S Karter Stark
3 11S Weston Strese
4 27J James Junget
5 66H Neil Higgins
6 8S Carson Strese
7 36U Jason  Uttech
8 21E Tyler Edmundson
9 77H Timothy Higgins
10 2R Jim Ronspiez
11 165 Tommy Bleeker
12 82D Mark Dewey
13 92R Josh Rusch
14 45W Michael Weissmann
15 12P Caden Pankow



Hobby Stock-


Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 114 Chris Flairty 15.65
2 20G Jevin Guralski 15.714
3 4D Bud Riedner 15.722
4 52R Shane Radtke Jr 15.747
5 26R Chico Riedner 15.825
6 27T Jim Tate  Jr 15.907
7 23NB Nick Bruley 15.909
8 55B Lucas Buckingham 15.987
9 22B Korey Bengsch 16.009
10 22E Chuck Egli 16.009
11 2W Chester Williams 16.009
12 71D Jason Dunn 16.021
13 41L Jordan Lamb 16.048
14 5R Robbie Rucks 16.075
15 01B Mike Bollinger 16.1
16 05B Tucker Bodendorfer 16.131
17 99K Chris Kern 16.254
18 24E Dalton Egli 16.261
19 71T Jamie Tate 16.311
20 67N RJ Nicholson 16.334
21 7W Jim Wolf 16.337
22 65S Brandon Sanborn 16.409
23 8W Chase Wangsness 16.593
24 44H Ryder Hebbe 16.734


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 7W Jim Wolf
2 65S Brandon Sanborn
3 44H Ryder Hebbe
4 8W Chase Wangsness
5 24E Dalton Egli
6 67N RJ Nicholson
7 99K Chris Kern
8 71T Jamie Tate


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 27T Jim Tate  Jr
2 5R Robbie Rucks
3 22E Chuck Egli
4 05B Tucker Bodendorfer
5 52R Shane Radtke Jr
6 71D Jason Dunn
7 20G Jevin Guralski
8 55B Lucas Buckingham


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 2W Chester Williams
2 4D Bud Riedner
3 26R Chico Riedner
4 23NB Nick Bruley
5 114 Chris Flairty
6 22B Korey Bengsch
7 01B Mike Bollinger
8 41L Jordan Lamb


Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 8W Chase Wangsness
2 7W Jim Wolf
3 65S Brandon Sanborn
4 71T Jamie Tate
5 01B Mike Bollinger
6 05B Tucker Bodendorfer
7 24E Dalton Egli
8 67N RJ Nicholson
9 44H Ryder Hebbe
10 99K Chris Kern



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 52R Shane Radtke Jr
2 23NB Nick Bruley
3 4D Bud Riedner
4 27T Jim Tate  Jr
5 114 Chris Flairty
6 2W Chester Williams
7 22B Korey Bengsch
8 26R Chico Riedner
9 55B Lucas Buckingham
10 5R Robbie Rucks
11 22E Chuck Egli
12 71D Jason Dunn
13 7W Jim Wolf
14 20G Jevin Guralski
15 8W Chase Wangsness
16 41L Jordan Lamb
17 71T Jamie Tate
18 65S Brandon Sanborn





Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 15P Carson Phillips 14.294
2 71J Brandon Johnson 14.351
3 5O Ryan Oetzel 14.643
4 12J Ashlynn Jarlsberg 14.728
5 29K Matt Krinke 14.756
6 109S Mason Wilcott 14.836
7 133 Waylon Robinson 14.88
8 61B Zach Barnes 14.891
9 50 Jon Pettit 14.944
10 18S Gavin Smothers 15.1
11 2W Matt Weber 15.373
12 89K Josh Kienbaum 15.612
13 16 Carli Lenz 15.67
14 4E Dylan Eagen 15.849
15 81B Scott Barlass 15.981
16 44P Amber Pettit 16.323
17 189 Brian Brewster 17.102
DQ 41N Nick Newton 14.601
DQ 83R Travis Rose 15.012



Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 2W Matt Weber
2 81B Scott Barlass
3 9 Brian Brewster
4 44P Amber Pettit
5 16 Carli Lenz
6 89K Josh Kienbaum
7 4E Dylan Eagen


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 18S Gavin Smothers
2 50P Jon Pettit
3 71J Brandon Johnson
4 5O Ryan Oetzel
5 29K Matt Krinke
6 133 Waylon Robinson


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 61B Zach Barnes
2 15P Carson Phillips
3 12J Ashlynn Jarlsberg
4 109S Mason Wilcott
DQ 41N Nick Newton
DQ 83R Travis Rose


Last Chance

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 81B Scott Barlass
2 4E Dylan Eagen
3 16 Carli Lenz
4 89K Josh Kienbaum
5 44P Amber Pettit
6 2W Matt Weber
7 9 Brian Brewster



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 5O Ryan Oetzel
2 15P Carson Phillips
3 71J Brandon Johnson
4 12J Ashlynn Jarlsberg
5 29K Matt Krinke
6 133 Waylon Robinson
7 81B Scott Barlass
8 50P Jon Pettit
9 4E Dylan Eagen
10 109S Mason Wilcott
11 18S Gavin Smothers
12 16 Carli Lenz
13 89K Josh Kienbaum
14 61B Zach Barnes
DQ 41N Nick Newton
DQ 83R Travis Rose



Road Warrior-


Pos Start Number Competitor Best Lap
1 14A AJ Acardi 16.562
2 8R Brittany Reynolds 16.683
3 9T Matthew Thoma 16.76
4 15G Aaron Genske 17.073
5 15M Hunter Milbrath 17.336
6 21M Garrett Meister 17.491
7 17Z Kevin Zimmerman 17.564
8 16S Roger Stevenson 17.84
9 22C Myles Cowley 18.357


Heat Races

Pos Start Number Competitor
1 21M Garrett Meister
2 16S Roger Stevenson
3 17Z Kevin Zimmerman
4 15M Hunter Milbrath
5 22C Myles Cowley


Pos Start Number Competitor
1 9T Matthew Thoma
2 14A AJ Acardi
3 15G Aaron Genske
4 8R Brittany Reynolds



Pos Start Number Competitor
1 14A AJ Acardi
2 9T Matthew Thoma
3 15G Aaron Genske
4 21M Garrett Meister
5 15M Hunter Milbrath
6 16S Roger Stevenson
7 17Z Kevin Zimmerman
8 8R Brittany Reynolds




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