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Olson Notches Late Model Win: Erickson, Ward, Storkson, and Balis Win Summer Rumble at Jefferson Speedway!

By Larry Starr

June 18, 2005; Jefferson, Wis. – It was the finale of the “Summer Rumble,” a combined event between Columbus 151 Speedway and Jefferson Speedway. With all divisions, except the International, competing for overall titles, for two nights of racing at two tracks.

Ken Olson of Fort Atkinson claimed top honors in the “Papa Murphy’s Pizza” 50 lap Late Model feature, during the “Summer Rumble Finale.” Starting 11th in the field Olson headed toward the front as Jason Deppe drove to the early lead. Deppe guided the field for 27 laps before surrendering the point to John Ovadal of Watertown. As Ovadal assumed the point Jason Erickson was close behind for 2nd and Olson was running in the 4th spot.

Olson Motored past Deppe and closed with Erickson, on lap 31. Moving to the inside, on lap 33, Olson made his way past Erickson on lap 36. Ovadal crossed the stripe in first, but failed the post-race technical inspection. The official finish was Olson for the win, followed by Erickson, Tim Noble, Ken Piotrowski and Deppe.

Jason Erickson of Lake Mills combined a 4th place finish at Columbus with a 2nd place finish at Jefferson to claim the Late Model overall championship in the “Summer Rumble.”

In Sportsman division action Luke Padfield of Jefferson notched the victory, in the 30 lap main event. Starting 13th, Padfield started through traffic as Larry Moen pulled to the early lead. Moen showed the way for 20 laps, as Padfield made his way to the front. Claiming 2nd, on lap 17, Padfield set his sites on Moen. Padfield drove to the inside, on lap 21, making the winning pass, with Trent Erdman close behind for the 2nd spot. At the stripe it was Padfield for the win, followed by Erdman, Curt Thompson, Jason Thoma and Moen.

Dustin Ward of Beaver Dam turned in a 3rd place finish at Columbus and a 6th place a Jefferson to claim the Sportsman division’s overall championship in the Summer Rumble.

In International action Chris Nelson of Cottage Grove won the 20 lap feature. Starting 9th, Nelson started his drive to the checkers, as Joe Cross jumped to the early lead. Cross led the way for 4 laps, before surrendering the point to Mark English. Nelson claimed the 2nd spot, on lap 9, closing with English. Pulling to the inside, on lap 13, Nelson made the winning pass on lap 13. At the checkered flag it was Nelson for the win, followed by English, Scotty Hoeft, Cross and Chris Chenoweth.

In Hobby Stock action Jim Robinson of Orfordville led the field flag-to-flag, claiming victory in the 20 lap feature. Starting outside row 1, Robinson sprang to the lead and never looked back pulling away from the field on his way to the checkers. At the finish it was Robinson for the win, followed by Eaan Carson, Jim Tate Jr., Larry Moen and Mike Storkson.

Storkson, with a win at Columbus and 5th place at Jefferson, claimed the Hobby Stock overall championship in the Summer Rumble.

In Bandit action Andy Bauler of Milton was victorious in the 18 lap main event. Starting inside row 2, Bauler grabbed the lead on the first circuit, only to give it up, to James Bell, on lap 8. Bauler fought back, reclaiming the top spot on lap 14. As they took the checkers it was Bauler for the win followed by Kyle Stark, Bell, Troy Yohn and Kyle Riedner.

Marc Balis of Edgerton claimed the “Summer Rumble” overall championship, for the Bandits, with a 2nd place finish at Columbus and a 9th place at Jefferson.

Next week at Jefferson Speedway it’s “Mid-Season Championships,” presented by Smith Motors, with a 50 lap Late Model feature and extended features in all divisions.

Gates open at 2:00, Qualifying at 4:30 and racing starts at 7:00 sharp.

Jefferson Speedway is half way between Cambridge and Jefferson Wisconsin on Highway 18.

Jefferson Speedway Race Summary – 06/18/2005 Bumper to Bumper 50

Late Model Division Feature Finish
1) 68 Ken Olson (Ft. Atkinson) 2) 94 Jason Erickson (Lake Mills)
3) 71 Tim Noble (Janesville) 4) 6 Ken Piotrowski (Janesville)
5) 71 Jason Deppe (Waterloo) 6) 52 Steve Dobbratz (Rio)
7) 44 Roger Behlke 8) 27 Tyler James
9) 32 Tony Koepke (Fort Atkinson) 10) 33 Dylan Schuyler
11) 16 Luke Westenberg (Watertown) 12) 17 Noel Ramge (Helenville)
13) 8 Aaron Wilke (Waterloo) 14) 11 Tim Petrie (Whitewater)
15) 99 Doug Hahn (Whitewater) 16) 52 April Reimer (Beloit)
17) 79 Justin Schultz (Rio) 18) 12 Allen Petrie Jr (Sun Prairie)
19) 20 Bret Schmidt (watertown) 20) 71 John Ovadal
Fast Qualifier: 94 Jason Erickson (Lake Mills) : 14.419 seconds
Dash: 33 Dylan Schuyler (Dousman)
Last Chance: 17 Noel Ramge, 20 Bret Schmidt, 8 Aaron Wilke,
6 Ken Piotrowski
Heats: 1) 61 Jerry Eckhardt, 2) 52 Steve Dobbratz, 3) 11 Tim Petrie

International Division Feature Finish
1) 73 Chris Nelson (Cottage Grove) 2) 57 Mark English
3) 00 Scotty Hoeft (Watertown) 4) 67 Joe Cross (Sun Prairie)
5) 97 Chris Chenoweth (Watertown) 6) 02 Michelle Heimann (Madison)
Fast Qualifier: 73 Chris Nelson (Cottage Grove) : 16.711 seconds
Dash: 73 Chris Nelson (Cottage Grove)
Heats: 1) 67 Joe Cross, 2) 57 Mark English

Sportsman Division Feature Finish
1) 4 Luke Padfield (Jeffersonm) 2) 11 Trent Erdman (Fort Atkinson)
3) 3 Curt Thompson (Fort Atkinson) 4) 42 Jason Thoma
5) 10 Larry Moen (Madison) 6) 9 Dustin Ward (Beaver Dam)
Fast Qualifier: 42 Jason Thoma : 15.226 seconds
Dash: 26 Scott Riedner (Waunakee) Heats: 1) 10 Larry Moen, 2) 38 Brent Gergen

Hobby Stock Division Feature Finish
1) 33 Jim Robinson (Orfordville) 2) 2 Eaan Carson
3) 27 Jim Tate Jr (Watertown) 4) 10 Larry Moen (Madison)
5) 94.1 Mike Storkson (Evansville) 6) 1 Brett Carson (Johnson Creek)
Fast Qualifier: 38 Bryon Grassl (Janesville) : 16.725 seconds
Dash: 96 Alan Dorn (Waterloo)
Last Chance: 27 Jim Tate Jr, 56 Randy Strasburg, 50 Jim Schmidt, 7 Scott Carson
Heats: 1) 27 Jim Tate Jr, 2) 99 Lincoln Keeser, 3) 33 Jim Robinson

Bandit Division Feature Finish
1) 92 Andy Bauler (Milton) 2) 92 Kyle Stark (Waterloo)
3) 27 James Bell 4) 5 Troy Yohn (Waterloo)
5) 1 Kyle Riedner (Waunakee) 6) 42 Bobby Selsing Jr (Ft Atkinson)
Fast Qualifier: 5 Troy Yohn (Waterloo) : 14.743 seconds
Dash: 27 Tom Schuette (Fort Atkinson)
Consi: 29 Brad Knapp, 11 Jim Pfeifer
Last Chance: 24 Tyler White, 7 Kyle Watters, 92 Marc W. Balis, 45 Nick Balis
Heats: 1) 29 Brad Knapp, 2) 7 Kyle Watters, 3) 27 James Bell, 4) 98 Tom Bleecker

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