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Ovadal Grabs Miller Lite Feature Win

By Andrew Schaller

July 26, 2008; Jefferson WI — Watertown’s John Ovadal held off a hard charging Jason Erickson to claim the win in the Miller Lite 50 lap Late Model feature at Jefferson Speedway last Saturday night. Ryan Zielske and Chad Reimer led the field of 18 competitors to the drop of the green flag with Reimer taking the early lead exiting turn four of the opening lap. Luke Westenberg slid past Zielske to second with Ovadal in tow for third.

Ovadal went right to work on Westenberg for the second spot, getting inside him on lap six and clearing for the position two laps later. Ovadal then set his sights on the leader as he began to run Reimer down. Just as Ovadal caught Reimer and looked to the inside, the first caution of the race slowed the field. After the restart, Ovadal dove back to the inside of Reimer, this time making the move work to take over the top spot on lap 19. While Ovadal began to stretch his advantage, Erickson was entering the top five by lap 26. Caution number two waved on lap 30 when Chris Quam spun on the front stretch erasing Ovadal’s lead. When the green returned, Erickson made quick work moving up the leader board and into third. Two consecutive yellow flags flew on lap 34 setting up a 16 lap shootout to the end. Erickson motored by Reimer for second when racing resumed and pulled up the rear bumper of Ovadal with only eight laps remaining. Erickson tried the low side of the leader several times, pulling even on different occasions but never being able to get the advantage. Ovadal fought off the challenges as he took the checkers out front with Erickson right behind in second. Reimer, Kyle Jarlsberg and Westenberg rounded out the top five.

Brady Lilly of Milton took honors in the 30 lap Sportsman feature event. Ron Nelson took the initial lead from fellow front row starter Mike Acheson on the first lap. Lilly was already into the third spot by lap 5 and working on Craig Olver for second. The only caution period of the race appeared on lap six when Tory Bagley and Dick Reents tangled in turn one. After the restart, Lilly got to the inside of Olver for second and cleared on lap ten with Chris Ehrhart in tow for third. Lilly began to size up Nelson for the top spot, finally making his move on lap 18. Nelson showed Lilly the low groove and Lilly took advantage getting side by side with the leader. Lilly cleared for the lead with then laps remaining as Nelson slipped back into the pack and Ehrhart took over the second spot. Ehrhart shadowed the leader for the remainder of the race until losing control on the final lap and spinning in turn two. Lilly cruised to the stripe for the win followed by Tom Reents, Dave Oswald, Nelson and James Helmer.

In International action, James Bell of Brodhead won his first career feature by claiming the 20 lap event. Starting from the front row, Bell took control down the backstretch on the first lap and never relinquished the lead. Rob Lange shadowed Bell the entire race from the second position, making several attempts at the leader but never seriously challenging Bell. The top five ran nose to tail the majority of the event with Bell coming across the line for the win. Rounding out the top five were Lange, Stephen Scheel, Mark English and Joe Cross.

Kyle Stark of Sun Prairie laid claim to the 25 lap Hobby Stock feature race. Brett Carson and Mike Mauer made up the front row at the start with Carson grabbing the early lead. Joe Edwards slipped past Mauer and inside Carson, taking the lead on lap three just as the caution waved over the field. After the restart, Stark got to the inside of Carson for second and chugged up alongside Edwards for the top spot. Stark cleared for the lead on lap 11 as Dustin Ward followed him into second. On lap 17, Ward had his engine expire, forcing the second caution period and ending his evening. As the green returned, Alan Dorn sat in second behind Stark. Dorn attempted to get inside the leader many times. Finally on the last lap, Dorn got inside Stark and the two made slight contact in turn two, allowing Jim Tate to slip by for second. But Stark charged out in front and ran to the checkers for the win. Tate, Dorn, Steve Sauer and Zac Schmidt completed the top five.

The final race of the evening was the 20 lap Bandit feature which was won by Brandon Johnson. Johnson began his winning effort from the inside of row one. Travis Schneeberg shot into second at the start and began to hound the leader. The only caution of the race flew on lap four when Tony Ciano and Tom Bleecker made contact sending both into the front stretch wall. Jody Schmidt and Tommy Pfeifer joined the fight for the lead as green flag racing resumed. The duo managed to get by Schneeberg for second and third on lap 11 as they set their sights on the leader. Schmidt pulled up the rear bumper of Johnson and tried every lane possible to get by for the top spot. Pfeifer watched the battle from third, looking for his own path by. As the laps wound down, Johnson remained out front with Schmidt close behind in second. As the trio entered turn three on the final lap, Schmidt got into the rear of Johnson, forcing him up the track. Schmidt shot by to cross the stripe first, but after further review Schmidt was disqualified for rough driving handing the win to Johnson. Rounding out the top five were Pfeifer, Chad Olds, Waylin Willman and Matt Goodwin.

Next Saturday, August 2, is a full program in all divisions. Time trials begin at 5:00 with racing at 7 pm sharp. Jefferson Speedway is located halfway between Jefferson and Cambridge on Hwy 18. For more information, please visit

Jefferson Speedway Race Summary

Late Model-

Miller Lite 50 Feature Results- 1) 71 John Ovadal, Watertown 2) 94 Jason Erickson, Fort Atkinson 3) 19 Chad Reimer, Watertown 4) 87 Kyle Jarlsberg, Cambridge 5) 16 Luke Westenberg, Jefferson 6) 29 Scott Lindsay, Dousman 7) 41 Mike Taylor, Stoughton 8) 21 Ryan Zielske, Oconomowoc 9) 13 Andy Brocker, Jefferson 10) 12 Allen Petrie, Sun Prairie 11) 61 Jerry Eckhart, Johnson Creek 12) 44 Roger Behlke, Jefferson 13) 33 Dylan Schuyler, Jefferson 14) 4 Chris Quam, Stoughton 15) 52 Steve Dobbratz, Rio 16) 5 Casey Johnson, Stoughton 17) 7 Bob Kahler, Belvidere, IL 18) 22 Jasper Gronert, Jefferson

Fast Qualifier- 94 Jason Erickson—14.453 seconds

Consy- 01 Bobbi Bishofberger, 4 Luke Padfield

Last Chance- 13 Andy Brocker, 12 Allen Petrie, 41 Mike Taylor, 61 Jerry Eckhart

Heat Winners- 1) 19 Michael Kruschke 2) 4 Chris Quam 3) 71 John Ovadal


Feature Results- 1) 22 Brady Lilly, Milton 2) 42 Tom Reents, Janesville 3) 31 Dave Oswald, Cottage Grove 4) 76 Ron Nelson, Jefferson 5) 7 James Helmer, Oconomowoc 6) 52 Tory Bagley, McFarland

Fast Qualifier- 52 Tory Bagley—15.218 seconds

Heat Winners- 1) 20 Kody Hubred 2) 41 Dick Reents


Feature Results- 1) 27 James Bell, Brodhead 2) 135 Rob Lange 3) 4 Stephen Scheel, Lake Mills 4) 57 Mark English, Janesville 5) 67 Joe Cross 6) 90 Kyle Smith, Lake Mills

Fast Qualifier- 57 Mark English—16.630 seconds

Last Chance- 61 Chris Gottschalk, 07 Ken Hoff, Jr, 77 Sean Watters, 21 Brandon Pendleton

Heat Winners- 1) 3 Cody Strese 2) 90 Kyle Smith 3) 57 Mark English

Hobby Stock-

Feature Results- 1) 92 Kyle Stark, Sun Prairie 2) 27 Jim Tate 3) 96 Alan Dorn, Columbus 4) 11 Steve Sauer, Waterloo 5) 42 Bobby Selsing, Jefferson 6) 85 Joe Edwards

Fast Qualifier- 27 Jim Tate—16.592 seconds

Consy- 43 Scott Bush, 20 Dale Warner, 14 Billy Combs

Last Chance- 99 Lincoln Keeser, 2 Eaan Carson, 71 Jamie Dunn, 49 Buck Stultz

Heat Winners- 1) 08 Kale Peterman 2) 99 Lincoln Keeser 3) 29 Mike Manley


Feature Results- 1) 18 Brandon Johnson 2) 57 Tommy Pfeifer 3) 89 Chad Olds 4) 29 Waylin Willman 5) 45 Matt Goodwin 6) 19 Barrett Hammond

Fast Qualifier- 57 Tommy Pfeifer—14.270 seconds

Last Chance- 93 Heather Stark, 76 Al Stillman, 19 Barrett Hammond, 45 Matt Goodwin

Heat Winners- 1) 18 Scott Pauls 2) 29 Waylin Willman

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