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John Ovadal Jr. takes thriller at Jefferson Speedway!

July 28, 2001; Jefferson, WI. John Ovadal Jr., Johnson Creek, won his first career late model feature Saturday night at Jefferson Speedway. Ovadal's victory came after a race full of unexpected twists and turns. Beau Sanden, Janesville, took the initial lead after a torrid battle with Randy Cusick, Fort Atkinson. Sanden, Cusick, Ovadal, and Tim Noble, Janesville, battled for the lead until lap 18 when the ignition on Sanden's car failed dropping him from the lead.

Photo Highlights

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John Ovadal, Jr. (#07) battles Ron Bishofberger (#76) and Jason Erickson (#1)
in the late model feature Saturday at Jefferson Speedway. Ovadal went on to
score his first late model feature win at Jefferson, while Bishofberger placed second and Erickson third.

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Richard Titus (#21) held off Tony Koeptke (#32) to win the Sportsman feature on Saturday night at Jefferson Speedway.
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Jim Pfeifer (11) threads his way to the front on his way to winning the Jefferson Speedway Hobby Stock main event.
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Aaron Rude (#9) ended up on his side following a three-car international class crash that also involved Dennis Clapp (#16) and Derrick Bettenhausen (#10) on Saturday at Jefferson. No one was injured.

Cusick continued to hold off Ovadal's challenge while Randy Breunig, Columbus, and Dan Chesmore, Janesville, moved in behind Ovadal. Breunig moved past Ovadal for second on lap 19 with Chesmore in close pursuit. Breunig had just begun to battle for the lead when a lapped car caused Cusick to lift the throttle. Breunig dove low to pass Cusick just as Chesmore was closing in on the low groove. Breunig and Chesmore collided bringing out the yellow. With the restart, Ovadal continued to pressure Cusick with Roger Behlke, Jefferson, Ron Bishofberger, Fort Atkinson, and Jason Erickson, Cambridge, now in the lead pack.

Ovadal tried repeatedly to overtake Cusick, the two cars making light contact on a couple of occasions. The Ovadal-Cusick battle came to an abrupt end on lap 24 when Cusick's left rear tire was cut down while the cars raced
side-by-side through turns one and two. As Cusick limped to the infield, Bishofberger and Erickson moved up to challenge Ovadal.

Bishofberger pulled alongside Ovadal repeatedly during the final ten laps of the race. Erickson spent the next five laps looking for a way to get around Bishofberger. The trio continued to race in formation until the white flag when Bishofberger made one final charge. Going into turn one on the last lap the two lead cars touched, but Ovadal was able to power through the contact and retain the lead going down the backstretch. Bishofberger, with Erickson right behind, made a final charge coming out of turn four only to fall a car length short at the finish.

Following, Ovadal, Bishofberger, and Erickson, were Mike Taylor, Stoughton, Tim Noble, Janesville, Scott Nottestad, Stoughton, Erick Gerlach, Palmyra, Luke Westenberg, Palmyra, Randy Breunig, and Dan Chesmore.

Brent Nottestad, Cambridge, continued his winning ways as he took the 20-lap International Class feature after a spirited battle with Chris Quam, Stoughton. The race was stopped on lap 6 due to a three-car crash that left Arron Rude on its side into the front straightaway wall. Rude was not injured. Following Nottestad and Quam were Steve Drays, Milton, Ed Wolff III, Watertown, and Charles Dixon, Waukesha.

Richard Titus, Jefferson, won the 25-lap Sportsman feature following a race long battle with Tony Koeptke, Johnson Creek, and Curt Thompson, Palmyra. A late race caution bunched up the field, but Titus was up to the challenge and took the win. Following Titus, Koeptke, and Thompson were Josh Courtney, Janesville, and Jeff Kohlhoff, Watertown.

Jim Pfeifer, Fort Atkinson, took the lead on lap 14 and went on to win the Hobby Stock feature. Chuck Egli, Waterloo, was second followed by Dan Schmidt, Farmington, and Scott Bush, Johnson Creek.

Next Saturday the Jefferson Speedway presents the Bumper-to-Bumper 50 and WIBA night at the races. The evening will feature a 50-lap late model main event and a gigantic fireworks display. Jefferson Speedway is located six miles west of Jefferson or five miles east of Cambridge on Highway 18. Gates open at 3:00 pm, time trials begin at 5:00 pm, with the first race at 7:00 pm sharp.

Late Model:
Feature: 1. John Ovadal Jr., Johnson Creek 2. Ron Bishofberger, Fort Atkinson 3. Jason Erickson, Cambridge 4. Mike Taylor, Stoughton 5. Tim Noble, Janesville 6. Scott Nottestad, Stoughton 7. Eric Gerlach, Palmyra 8. Luke Westenberg, Palmyra 9. Randy Breunig, Columbus 10. Dan Chesmore, Janesville
Last Chance: 1. Gregg Bowers, Columbus 2. Steve Dobbratz, Rio 3. Jason Dunn, Sun Prairie
Consy: 1. Brent Knight, Watertown 2. Butch Mierendorf, Waterloo
Heat 1: Matt Frey, Cambridge
Heat 2: Scott Bleeker, Jefferson
Heat 3: Luke Westenberg
Heat 4: Dan Chesmore, Janseville
Fast Dash: Roger Behlke, Jefferson
Fast Qualifier: Erich Gerlach, Palmyra

Feature: 1. Brent Nottestad, Cambridge 2. Chrish Quam, Stoughton 3. Steve Drays, Milton 4. Ed Wolff, III, Watertown 5. Charles Dixon, Waukesha 6. John Froelich, Chippewa Falls 7. Lucas Vinge, Cambridge 8. Scott Brydon, Durand IL 9. Derrick Bettenhausen, Lima Center 10. Ken Edmundson, Whitewater
Heat 1: Scott Brydon, Durand, IL
Heat 2: Brent Nottestad, Cambridge
Fast Qualifier: Brent Nottestad

Feature: 1. Richard Titus, Jefferson 2. Tony Koeptke, Johnson Creek 3.Curt Thompson, Palmyra 4. Josh Courtney, Janesville 5. Jeff Kohlhoff, Watertown 6. Jay Kalbus, Oconomowoc 7. Bobby Stough Jr., Waunakee 8. Dylan Schuyler, Dousman 9. Trent Erdman, Fort Atkinson 10. Kevin Thompson, Palmyra
Heat 1: Judy Weir, Cottage Grove
Heat 2: Tom Collins, Lake Mills
Heat 3: Jason Thoma, Jefferson
Heat 4: Dan Schmidt, Watertown
Fast Qualifier: Jeff Kohlhoff, Watertown

Hobby Stock:
Feature: 1. Jim Pfeifer, Fort Atkinson 2. Chuck Egli, Waterloo 3. Dennis Schmidt, Watertown 4. Scott Bush, Fort Atkinson 5. Dennis Gaserude 6. Jim Williams, Milton 7. Brent Moe, DeForest 8. Chad Lurvey, Dousman 9. Mike Cusick, Edgerton 10. Lonny Wilson, Janesville
Heat 1: Chris Schoonover
Heat 2: T.J. Rivera, Edgerton
Heat 3: John Remsik
Fast Qualifier: Roger Stevenson, Cambridge

Gauntlet Event: Won by the Gauntlet car driven by Rick Coppernol and Lucas Vinge.