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Chesmore takes 50 lapper at Jefferson Speedway!
By Jeanne & Larry Starr

August 4, 2001; Jefferson, WI. Defending track Champion Dan Chesmore of Janesville claimed top honors in the Bumper to Bumper 50, on Wisconsin's Action Track. Starting from the inside of row 7, Chesmore started his long drive to the front, as Ken Olson of Ft. Atkinson grabbed the early lead, challenged over the first three laps by Wayne Whitford of Janesville.

Photo Highlights

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Dan Chesmore (#27), passes Ken Olson (#68), and moves under Randy Breunig (#76) in the late model feature.  Chesmore went on to win the race, while Olson finished third.
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Dan Chesmore (#27) battles Randy Breunig (#76) for the lead.  Chesmore is on his way to the win, while Breunig would finish fifth.
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Sportsman feature action.  Noel Ramge (#17) leading the way, with Jay Kalbus (#27) working his way from behind, and Josh Courtney (#21) working the low groove.  Kalbus went on to win the race, with Courtney finishing second.
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It sure gets crowded in turn 4!  Mike Bingham (#17) leading the International feature, with Mark English (#57) and Brent Nottestad (#25) working their way by on the bottom.  Charles Dixon (#71) and Derrick Bettenhausen (#10) bringing up the rear.   Nottestad is on his way to the feature win.
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Brent Moe (#22), moves under Lincoln Keeser (#99), in Hobby Stock heat race action.   Moe went on to win the fast heat.
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Don't adjust your set, this picture is NOT printed backward!  Tim Petrie (#11) works the inside of Bill Webb (#67) in the bandit heat race.  Webb went on to win both the heat race and the feature.
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Bill Webb (#67) takes his bows, in victory lane, following the Bandit feature.

As Olson Guided the way, Chesmore claimed the 9th spot on lap 7 and the 8th spot on lap 9, slowly working his way through the field. Chesmore moved under Whitford for the 3rd spot on lap 20 as Randy Breunig of Columbus moved under Olson in his bid for the lead. Olson and Breunig battled, side by side, until lap 32, when Breunig pulled to the point, followed by Chesmore for the 2nd spot. Chesmore moved under Breunig, on lap 34, claiming the lead on lap 38.

As Chesmore pulled ahead, Olson moved under Breunig in a battle for 2nd, as Ron Bishofberger of Fort Atkinson joined the top 5 closing with Scott Null of Lake Mills. Olson motored under Breunig on lap 44, claiming 2nd on lap 45 as Bishofberger pulled under Breunig for 3rd. Clearing Breunig on lap 45 Bishofberger motored under Olson, for 2nd on lap 48, claiming the spot on lap 49. As they flew past the checkers it was Chesmore for the win, followed by Bishofberger, Olson, Null and Breunig.

Jim Jarlsberg of Cambridge set the fast pace in qualifying, with a 14.965 second loop of the quarter mile. Eric Gerlach of Palmyra won the, 8 lap, Dash for Cash. Claiming, 10 lap, heat race victories were Brian Sonnenberg of Cambridge, Tim Noble of Janesville, Olson and Scott Nottestad of Stoughton. Moving to the Last Chance race, from the 10 lap Consolation race, were Rex Weston of Lake Mills and Ken Piotrowski of Milton. Joining the feature lineup, via the 20 lap Last Chance race, were Don Mattrisch of Whitewater, Jasper Gronert of Jefferson, Randy Cusick of Fort Atkinson and Brent Knight of Watertown.

In International class action Brent Nottestad of Cambridge notched another feature win, in the 20 lap main. Starting from the inside of row 6, Nottestad headed to the front as Charles Dixon of Waukesha grabbed the early lead. Dixon led for 2 laps before surrendering the point to Mike Dietzen of Milwaukee, on lap 3.

As Dietzen pulled ahead, Nottestad claimed the 4th spot, closing with Mark English of Edgerton for 3rd. The battle for 3rd carried both English and Nottestad past Mike Bingham of Jefferson, into the 2nd and 3rd spots. Nottestad claimed 2nd on lap 8, closing with Dietzen on lap 9. Nottestad pulled ahead on lap 10, guiding the way from there to the checkered. At the stripe it was Nottestad for the win followed by Ed Wolff III of Clyman, Aaron Rude of Cambridge, Dietzen and Chris Quam of Stoughton.

Wolff set the high mark, in qualifying, with a 16.011 second orbit of the quarter mile speed plant. Ten lap heat race victories went to Scott Dolphin and Chris Quam.

In Sportsman division action Jay Kalbus of Oconomowoc held off the current point leader, Josh Courtney of Janesville, to claim the win, in the 25 lap feature. Starting from the outside of row 4, Kalbus headed toward the front as Noel Ramge of Hellenville grabbed the early lead. Kalbus claimed the 2nd spot by lap 7, with Courtney close behind, in 3rd.

Moving to the inside of Ramge, on lap 10, Kalbus made his bid for the top spot, only to slip on lap 20, giving 2nd to Courtney. Courtney motored past Ramge, for the point, on lap 21, with Kalbus right there, making it a 3 way battle. Kalbus made his way under Courtney, on lap 23, as Jeff Kohlhoff of Watertown, motored past Ramge for 3rd. At the stripe it was Kalbus for the win, followed by Courtney, Kohlhoff, Ramge and Curt Thompson of Palmyra.

Kohlhoff set the fast qualifying pace, with a 15.903 second lap, of the quarter mile. Claiming victory, in 10 lap heat races, were Kurt Kleven of Cambridge, Todd Goldade of Stoughton, Jason Thoma of Jefferson and Kalbus.

Joining the Last Chance race, from the 10 lap Consolation race, were Chris Koepke of Fort Atkinson and Joe Roatch of Stoughton.
Moving to the feature lineup, from the 15 lap Last Chance race, were Kyle Jarlsberg of Cambridge, James Helmer of Fox Lake, Dustin Ward of Beaver Dam and Goldade.

In Hobby Stock action Lincoln Keeser of Milton guided the field flag to flag, in the 20 lap feature. Starting from the outside of row 2, Keeser inherited the front row, following a spin on the initial start. At the green flag Keeser claimed the front, guiding the field to the finish. At the stripe it was Keeser for the win, followed by Roger Stephenson of Cambridge, Dennis Gaserude of Arena, Jim Pfeifer of Fort Atkinson and Jeremy Hartwig of Cottage Grove.

Pfeifer set the fast qualifying pace, with a 17.173 second tour of the quarter mile. Claiming victory, in 8 lap heat races, were Jenny Weir of Cottage Grove, Jason Thom of Fort Atkinson and Brent Moe of Deforest. Joining the feature lineup, from the 12 lap Last Chance race were John Duessler of Marshall, Chris Schoonover of Janesville, Mike Cusick of Edgerton and Jim Tate of Watertown.

In Bandit class action Bill Web claimed victory over Tade Swerig in the 12 lap feature and Webb also won the 8 lap heat race. Entertainment for the night was capped by the Fireworks program.

Next week at Jefferson Speedway the United Auto Workers, Local 95, presents a 50 lap Late Model feature, along with a full racing program in all divisions. Rounding out the night's action will be the Demolition Derby.

Gates open at 3:00, Qualifying at 5:00 and racing at 7:00 sharp. Jefferson Speedway is on Highway 18, between Jefferson and Cambridge Wisconsin.

Late Model Feature Finish:




27 Dan Chesmore (Janesville)


1 Jason Erickson (Cambridge)


76 Ron Bishofberger (Ft. Atkinson)


55 Eric Gerlach (Palmyra)


68 Ken Olson (Ft. Atkinson)


14 Scott Nottestad (Stoughton)


62 Scott Null (Lake Mills)


16 Luke Westenberg (Palmyra)


76 Randy Breunig (Columbus)


79 Brent Knight (Watertown)


17 Wayne Whitford (Janesville)


25 Randy Cusick (Ft. Atkinson)


44 Roger Behlke (Jefferson)


56 Don Mattrisch (Whitewater)


97 Jim Jarlsberg (Cambridge)


22 Jasper Gronert (Jefferson)


41 Mike Taylor (Stoughton)


2 Tom Dorn (Ft. Atkinson)

FAST QUALIFIER:  #97 Jim Jarlsberg (Cambridge): 14.965 seconds
FAST DASH: 8 Lap           -   55 Eric Gerlach (Palmyra)
CONSI: 10 Lap  -    35 Rex Weston (Lake Mills), 6 Ken Piotrowski (Milton)
20 Lap  -   56 Don Mattrisch (Whitewater), 22 Jasper Gronert (Jefferson), 25 Randy Cusick (Ft. Atkinson), 79 Brent Knight (Watertown)
Heats: 10 lap: (Winners Only)   1)    10 Brian Sonnenberg (Cambridge)       2)   71 Tim Noble (Janesville)
3)    68 Ken Olson (Ft. Atkinson)        4)   14 Scott Nottestad (Stoughton) 

International Feature:




25 Brent Nottestad (Cambridge)


21 Mike Dietzen (Milwaukee)


89 Ed Wolff III (Clyman)


4 Chris Quam (Stoughton)


9 Aaron Rude (Cambridge)


17 Mike Bingham (Jefferson)

FAST QUALIFIER: #89 Ed Wolff III (Clyman): 16.011 seconds
10 lap: 1)    128 Scott Dolphin                          2)   4 Chris Quam (Stoughton)

Sportsman Feature:




27 Jay Kalbus (Oconomowoc)


17 Noel Ramge (Hellenville)


21 Josh Courtney (Janesville)


6 Curt Thompson (Palmyra)


98 Jeff Kohlhoff (Watertown)


95 Jason Thoma (Jefferson)

FAST QUALIFIER: #98 Jeff Kohlhoff (Watertown): 15.903 seconds
10 lap   - 23 Chris Koepke (Ft. Atkinson), 43 Joe Roatch (Stoughton)
LAST CHANCE: 15 lap  - 87 Kyle Jarlsberg (Cambridge), 7 James Helmer (Fox Lake),  9 Dustin Ward (Beaver Dam), 9 Todd Goldade (Stoughton)
10 lap: (Winners Only)   1)    15 Kurt Kleven (Cambridge)    2)   9 Todd Goldade (Stoughton)
                                                3)   95 Jason Thoma (Jefferson)        4)   27 Jay Kalbus (Oconomowoc)

Hobby Stock Feature:




99 Lincoln Keeser (Milton)


11 Jim Pfeifer (Ft. Atkinson)


88 Roger Stephenson (Cambridge)


6 Jeremy Hartwig (Cottage Grove)


18 Dennis Gaserude (Arena)


22 Chuck Egli (Waterloo)

FAST QUALIFIER: #11 Jim Pfeifer (Ft. Atkinson): 17.173 seconds
LAST CHANCE: 12 lap  - 24 John Duessler (Marshall), 8 Chris Schoonover (Janesville), 18 Mike Cusick (Edgerton), 27 Jim Tate (Watertown)
Heats: 8 lap: 1)   68 Jenny Weir (Cottage Grove) 2)   1 Jason Thom (Ft. Atkinson)
                     3)   22 Brent Moe (Deforest)      

Bandit Feature:




67 Bill Webb


3 Tade Swerig (Stoughton)

Heats: 8 lap: 1)  67 Bill Webb