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Behlke Wins Papa Murphy's 50: Nottestad, Schyler, Bush & Reynolds win Summer Rumble Overall at Jefferson Speedway!
By Larry & Jeanne Starr

Jefferson, Wis., June 8, 2002 -- Jefferson's Roger Behlke claimed top honors, in the Papa Murphy's "Take & Bake" Pizza 50, the headline event in part 2 of the 2nd annual Summer Rumble at Jefferson Speedway.

Photo Highlights

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Scott Nottestad (#14) collects his trophy, for the NAPA Summer Rumble, overall Late Model championship.
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Dylan Schuyler (#33) claims his trophy, for the Sportsman division overall championship, in the NAPA Summer Rumble.
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Bill Reynolds (#38) won the NAPA Summer Rumble overall championship, in the Bandit division.
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Roger Behlke (#44) makes his first trip, this year, to Victory lane, following the Papa Murphy's Pizza, 50 lap Late Model feature. Pictured with Behlke is Matt, from Papa Murphy's.
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Heading for the front! Roger Behlke (#44) moves up behind Tim Noble (#71). Behlke is headed for the win, while Noble suffered a blown tire, finishing 18th. 42801a.jpg (14062 bytes)
Chris Quam (#4), makes his way past Scotty Hoeft (#00), in the International feature. Quam scored the win, with Hoeft crossing the line 2nd.
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International heat action. Mike Bingham (#17) is crossed up, as Steve Drays (#48), Chris Quam (#4) and Aaron Rude (#9), make their way by. 42801a.jpg (14062 bytes)
Dan Schmidt (#19) leading the way, as Bobby Stough (#27) tries to close the gap, in the Sportsman feature. Schmidt is on his way to the win, while Stough finished 4th.
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Chris Matz (#72) leading the way, in the Hobby Stock feature, ahead of Lincoln Keeser (#99), Paul Edmundson (#00) and Bill Bush (#17). Keeser crossed the line first, but failed post-race tech. Matz claimed the "official" win. Bush's finish made him the overall NAPA Summer Rumble champion.
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Looks close! Doesn't it! David Jurczyk (#18) takes the checkered flag, in the Bandit feature, as the #8 car starts the final lap!

Starting 7th Behlke headed toward the point as John Ovadal Jr. grabbed the early lead. The battle for the lead, between Ovadal and Scott Nottestad, ended in a spin on lap 23, sending both drivers to the back, for the restart. Tim Noble held the point until lap 30, when he suffered a flat tire and Behlke motored past for the top spot.

As Behlke led the way, Jason Erickson made his way to 2nd, by lap 39, far behind Behlke. Erickson was able to close the gap, but was unable to reel in Behlke. At the stripe it was Behlke for the win, followed by Erickson, Ron Bishofberger, Ken Olson and Luke Westenberg.

Nottestad made his way back to 10th. Coupled with his win at Columbus, he secured the top spot in the overall NAPA "Summer Rumble" standings.

In International action Stoughton's Chris Quam came from a 9th place start, to win the 20 lap feature. Quam made his way to the 3rd spot, behind Aaron Rude, by lap 14, with Scotty Hoeft leading the way. As Rude made his bid for the lead, he tangled with a lapped car, triggering a 3 car crash, on the back stretch. On the restart Quam moved on Hoeft, battling for 4 laps, before claiming the top spot. At the stripe it was Quam for the win, followed by Hoeft, Mike Drays, Bobby Moore and Mark English.

In Sportsman division action Dan Schmidt of Watertown moved from the outside of the front row, to a feature win, in the 25 lap main event. As Schmidt guided the way, Dylan Schuyler of

Dousman fought his way from 7th, to a 2nd, closing with Schmidt, just a little too late, to make that final pass. At the stripe it was Schmidt for the win, followed by Schuyler, Jay Kalbus, Bobby Stough and Dave Oswald.

Schuyler's second, coupled with his win at Columbus, guaranteed him the top spot in the NAPA "Summer Rumble" overall standings.

In Hobby Stock action Million's Lincoln Keeser came from 7th to win the 20 lap feature. Paul Edmundson, surrendered the early lead to Chris Matz, on lap 2 and headed for the checkered flag. Closing with Edmundson, on lap 9, Keeser battled for 2nd until lap 16. Keeser closed with Matz on lap 17, making the winning pass on lap 18. At the stripe it was Keeser followed by Matz, Bill Bush, Edmundson and Terry Wangsness.

Keeser subsequently failed the post-race technical inspection, moving Matz to the official win column.

Scoring an official 5th at Columbus and 2nd at Jefferson, Bill Bush claimed the overall championship, in the NAPA "Summer Rumble."

In Bandit action David Jurczyk of Jefferson turned an 8th place start into a feature win, in the 15 lap main event. Dave Huntley grabbed the early lead, showing the way for 7 laps before succumbing to Jurczyk's charge. Taking the point, on lap 8, Jurczyk showed the way to the checkers followed by Tim Seitz, Huntley, Bill Sweeney and Bill Reynolds.

Reynolds scored a win at Columbus that, coupled with his 5th at Jefferson, to claim the Bandit portion of the NAPA "Summer Rumble" overall championship money.

During intermission the Q106 DJ's raced a grudge match, in Bandit cars. Morning show host, John Flynt won the event.
Next week Jefferson Speedway presents a full racing program, in all four, primary divisions. Rounding out the night's action will be the One-on-One Street Drags, sponsored by WMAD and Radio Doctor.

Jefferson Speedway is on highway 18, half way between Jefferson and Cambridge Wisconsin.

Event: Summer Rumble Part 2 - Papa Murphy’s 50 - Scout Night

Late Model Feature Finish:




44 Roger Behlke (Jefferson)


14 Scott Nottestad (Stoughton)


1 Jason Erickson (Cambridge)


8 Aaron Wilke (Marshall)


76 Ron Bishofberger (Ft. Atkinson)


41 Mike Taylor (Stoughton)


68 Ken Olson (Ft. Atkinson)


55 Eric Gerlach (Palmyra)


16 Luke Westenberg (Palmyra)


11 Russ Goodwin (Beloit)


27 Dan Chesmore (Janesville)


7 Bill Drefahl Jr. (Evansville)


52 Steve Dobbratz (Rio)


71 John Ovadal Jr. (Hellenville)


97 Jim Jarlsberg (Cambridge)


25 Randy Cusick (Ft. Atkinson)


94 Nick Wendt (Jefferson)


71 Tim Noble (Janesville)

FAST QUALIFIER  :   76 Ron Bishofberger (Ft. Atkinson): 14.784 seconds
FAST DASH: 8 Lap :   1 Jason Erickson (Cambridge)
CONSI: 12 Lap :   97 Bruce Lee (Edgerton), 2 Matt Frey  (Cambridge), 66 Curt Thompson (Ft. Atkinson)
20 Lap :   11 Russ Goodwin (Beloit), 25 Randy Cusick (Ft. Atkinson),  7 Bill Drefahl Jr. (Evansville), 8 Aaron Wilke (Marshall)Heats: 10 lap: 1)     71 Bob Cottam (Janesville)     2)   37 Gene Olson Jr. (Jefferson)     3)    14 Scott Nottestad (Stoughton)      4)   71 Tim Noble (Janesville)

International Feature:




4 Chris Quam (Stoughton)


28 Bobby Moore (Edgerton)


00 Scotty Hoeft (Watertown)


57 Mark English (Janesville)


48 Mike Drays (Milton)


10 Derrick Bettenhausen (Cambridge)

FAST QUALIFIER  :   9 Aaron Rude (Cambridge): 15.885 seconds.
Heats: 10 lap: 1)    28 Bobby Moore (Edgerton)                 2)   4 Chris Quam (Stoughton)

Sportsman Feature:




19 Dan Schmidt (Watertown)


27 Bobby Stough (Waunakee)


33 Dylan Schuyler (Dousman)


31 Dave Oswald (Cottage Grove)


27 Jay Kalbus (Oconomowoc)


11 Trent Erdman (Ft. Atkinson)

FAST QUALIFIER  :   95 Jason Thoma (Jefferson):  15.692 seconds
CONSI: 10 Lap :   23 Jim Pankow (Oregon), 42 Tom Reents (Janesville), 1 Pete Olsen (Ft. Atkinson)
LAST CHANCE: 15 Lap :   81 Jeremy Hayton (Lake Geneva), 57 Jason Ayers (Stoughton),  3 Rory Padfield (Stoughton), 2 Randy Padfield (Stoughton)
Heats: 10 lap: 1)    23 Jim Pankow (Oregon)                     2)   36 R.C. Coppernoll (Marshall)
                         3)    7 James Helmer (Fox Lake)                   4)   19 Dan Schmidt (Watertown)

Hobby Stock Feature:




72 Chris Matz (Watertown)


55 Terry Wangsness (Delavan)


17 Bill Bush (Jefferson)


83 John Remsik (Watertown)


00 Paul Edmundson (Whitewater)


FAST QUALIFIER  :   74 Chad Lurvey (Dousman): 16.897 seconds
CONSI: 8  Lap :   29 Mike Manley (Ft. Atkinson), 27 Jim Tate (Watertown)
LAST CHANCE: 12 Lap :   70 Rick Kehoe (Jefferson),  1 Jason Thom (Jefferson),  67 Russ Nicholson (Stoughton), 24 John Duessler (Marshall)Heats:  8 lap: 1)    68 Jenny Vitense (Cottage Grove)      2)   44 Jesse Ayers (Stoughton)
                       3)       22  Chuck Egli (Waterloo)                  

Bandit Feature:




18 David Jurczyk (Jefferson)


42 Bill Sweeney (Janesville)


57 Tim Seitz (Edgerton)


38 Bill Reynolds (Watertown)


7 Dave Huntley


19 Rick Boyce

FAST QUALIFIER  :   42 Bill Sweeney (Janesville): 15.713 seconds
LAST CHANCE: 10 Lap :   5 Peter Shelley (Edgerton), 08 Renee Collins (Lake Mills), 88 Allen Ames (), 36 Danny Birkett ()
Heats:  8 lap: 1)    08 Renee Collins (Lake Mills)             2)   5 Peter Shelley (Edgerton)
                        3)       18 David Jurczyk (Jefferson)              

Summer Rumble Overall Champions:
Late Model:  14 Scott Nottestad (Stoughton) - 1st at Columbus and 10th at Jefferson
Sportsman:  33 Dylan Schuyler (Dousman) - 1st at Columbus and 2nd at Jefferson.
Hobby Stock:   99 Lincoln Keeser (Milton) - 1st at Columbus and 1st at Jefferson
Bandit:    38 Bill Reynolds (Watertown) - 1st at Columbus and 5th at Jefferson

Q106 DJ’s Grudge Race: John Flynt