Jefferson Speedway Race Report:

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 Noble Nabs Victory in WFAW Blackhawk 50!
By Larry  & Jeanne Starr

July 24, 2004; Jefferson, Wis. -   Tim Noble of Janesville came from a 13th place start to finish first, in the “WFAW Blackhawk 50,” Late Model feature. Matt Frey claimed the early lead, guiding the way for 5 laps before giving way to Dylan Schuyler.

Photo Highlights

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Tim Nobel won the Blackhawk 50 Saturday at Jefferson Speedway and was awarded the trophy by Lew Wendtland of WFAW radio.
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Tim Nodel (71) close in on Dylan Schuyler (33) on his way to winning the Blackhawk 50-lap late model feature Saturday night at Jefferson Speedway.42801a.jpg (14062 bytes)
Trent Erdman (11) moves past Craig Henning (94) as he raced to victory in
the sportsman feature Saturday night at Jefferson Speedway.
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Jcott Hoeft of Watertown hustles down the backstretch on his way to the top
spot in the international class feature race Saturday at Jefferson Speedway.
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Russ Nicholson in victory lane Saturday at Jefferson Speedway after winning the hobby stock main event. Lew Wendtland of WFAW radio presented the trophy.42801a.jpg (14062 bytes)
Bobby Selsing (42) takes the lead from Dan Gosda (21) en route to winning the bandit feature Saturday at Jefferson Speedway.

Schuyler led the field all the way to lap 43, with Paul Kisow close behind. Kisow searched for a way past Schuyler, but never found the opening he needed. Noble motored into the third spot on lap 30, with a straight away between him and the leaders. Noble closed the gap, by lap 39, motoring under Kisow, for 2nd, on lap 40. Staying on the bottom, Noble claimed the top spot, from Schuyler, on lap 44. Noble opened a strong lead, on his way to the checkers. At the stripe it was Noble for the win, followed by Schuyler, Kisow, Ron Bishofberger and Chad “Squirt” Stevens.

In International action Scotty Hoeft of Watertown notched a win, in the 20 lap main event. Starting on the outside of row 6 Hoeft headed toward the front, as Keryn Hopwood grabbed the early lead. Hopwood surrendered the point, to Joe Cross, on lap 2. Tory Adams moved under Cross on lap 7, claiming the point on lap 8, with Hoeft close behind for second. After a, 2 lap, battle Hoeft made the winning pass, on lap 10. As they flew past the checkers it was Hoeft for the win, followed by Steve Allman, Alan Petrie, Adams and Chris Nelson.

In Sportsman action Trent Erdman, the defending track champion from Fort Atkinson, placed his mark in the win column in the 30 lap feature. Starting inside row 7 Erdman started the drive to the checkers, as Chris Schoonover claimed the early lead. Schoonover surrendered the point, to Jeremiah Yanke, on lap 3. Yanke held off Craig Henning for 1 lap, before Henning took over the lead on lap 4.

As Henning pulled ahead, Erdman was running in the 7th spot. Making his way through traffic, Erdman closed with Henning on lap 14, moved to the inside on lap 16 and motored ahead on lap 17. At the stripe it was Erdman for the win, followed by Henning, Tom Reents, Mark Deporter and Ryan Goldade.

In Hobby Stock action Russ Nicholson of Stoughton claimed his second feature of the season, in the 20 lapper. Starting from outside the front row, Nicholson watched Jim Williams pull to the early lead. After a 6 lap battle, Nicholson made his way past Williams, guiding the field to the finish. At the line it was Nicholson for the win, followed by Pete Elgas, Williams, Jesse Ayers and Ken Au.

In Bandit action Bobby Selsing Jr. of Fort Atkinson, won the second feature of his rookie year. Starting outside row 3, Selsing chased down the early leader, Dan Gosda, in 13 laps. Selsing motored past Gosda, on lap 14, showing the way to the checkers. At the stripe it was Selsing for the win, followed by Peter Shelley, Gosda, Paula Seitz and Bill Sweeney.
Next week Jefferson Speedway hosts the “Watertown Bowl 50,” with a 50 lap Late Model feature, and a full racing program, in all 5 divisions. Also on tap is the Demolition Derby, following the racing action. Gates open at 3:00PM, with qualifying at 4:30PM and racing at 7:00PM sharp.

Jefferson Speedway is half way between Cambridge and Jefferson Wisconsin, on Highway 18.






Jefferson Speedway - Date: July 24, 2004 - Event: WFAW Blackhawk 50

Late Model Feature Finish: Laps: 50
1. 71 Tim Noble (Janesville)                      11. 94 John Ovadal Jr. (Watertown)
2. 33 Dylan Schuyler (Dousman)               12. 19 Chad Reimer (Oconomowoc)
3. 2 Paul Kisow (Marshall)                        13. 79 Brent Knight (Watertown)
4. 76 Ron Bishofberger (Ft. Atkinson)       14. 44 Roger Behlke (Jefferson)
5. 82 Chad “Squirt” Stevens (Orfordville)    15. 2 Matt Frey (Cambridge)
6. 11 Beau Sanden (Janesville)                 16. 19 Randy Breunig (Columbus)
7. 87 Kyle Jarlsberg (Cambridge)              17. 27 Dan Chesmore (Janesville)
8. 52 Steve Dobbratz (Rio)                       18. 4 Jason Thoma (Jefferson)
9. 1 Bruce Lee (Edgerton)                        19. 41 Mike Taylor (Stoughton)
10. 26 Scott “Chico” Riedner (Waunakee) 20. 68 Ken Olson (Ft. Atkinson)
FAST QUALIFIER : 71 Tim Noble (Janesville): 14.471 seconds
FAST DASH: 8 Lap : 94 John Ovadal Jr. (Watertown)
LAST CHANCE: 20 Lap : 79 Brent Knight , 1 Bruce Lee, 41 Mike Taylor, 87 Kyle Jarlsberg
Heats: 10 lap: 1) 26 Scott Riedner (Waunakee) 2) 27 Dan Chesmore (Janesville)    3) 76 Ron Bishofberger (Ft. Atkinson)

International Feature: Laps: 20
1. 00 Scott Hoeft (Watertown)             4. 49 Tory Adams (Madison)
2. 79 Steve Allman (Oconomowoc)     5. 73 Chris Nelson Jr. (Cottage Grove)
3. 12 Alan Petrie (Sun Prairie)             6. 67 Joe Cross (Sun Prairie)
FAST QUALIFIER : 00 Scotty Hoeft (Watertown): 16.607 seconds
FAST DASH: 6 Lap : 12 Alan Petrie (Sun Prairie)
Heats: 10 lap: 1) 41 Brian Paulson (Edgerton) 2) 79 Steve Allman (Oconomowoc)

Sportsman Feature: Laps: 30
1. 11 Trent Erdman (Ft. Atkinson)      4. 28 Mark Deporter (Ft. Atkinson)
2. 94 Craig Henning (Hellenville)         5. 39 Ryan Goldade (Stoughton)
3. 42 Tom Reents (Janesville)             6. 19 Dan Schmidt (Watertown)
FAST QUALIFIER : 11 Trent Erdman (Ft. Atkinson): 15.413 seconds
FAST DASH: 6 Lap : 28 Mark Deporter (Ft. Atkinson)
LAST CHANCE: 15 Lap : 21 Tony Chase, 20 Rikki Bishofberger, 5 Cliff Rucks, 17 Mike Bingham
Heats: 10 lap: 1) 78 Chris Matz (Watertown) 2) 57 Mark English (Janesville)     3) 5 Cliff Rucks (Cottage Grove)

Hobby Stock Feature: Laps: 20
1. 67 Russ Nicholson (Stoughton)      4. 44 Jesse Ayers (Stoughton)
2. 52 Pete Elgas (Janesville)               5. 31 Ken Au (Jefferson)
3. J10 Jim Williams (Milton)                6. 55 Terry Wangsness (Delavan)
FAST QUALIFIER : 55 Terry Wangsness (Delavan): 16.589 seconds
FAST DASH: 6 Lap : 70 Rick Kehoe (Jefferson)
CONSI: 8 Lap : 41 Nick Newton, 9 Bill Emmons
LAST CHANCE: 12 Lap : 96 Alan Dorn, 37 Chris Jackson, 4 Chris Higgins, 08 Dennis Smith
Heats: 8 lap: 1) 50 Jim Schmidt (Jefferson) 2) J10 Jim Williams (Milton)     3) 19 Dennis Schmidt (Johnson Creek)

Bandit Feature: Laps: 18
1. 42 Bobby Selsing Jr. (Ft. Atkinson)     4. 75 Paula Seitz (Edgerton)
2. 5 Peter Shelley (Edgerton)                  5. 42 Bill Sweeney (Janesville)
3. 21 Dan Gosda (Sun Prairie)                6. X Troy Yohn (Waterloo)

FAST QUALIFIER : 08 Renee Collins (Lake Mills): 14.995 seconds
FAST DASH: 5Lap : X Troy Yohn (Waterloo)
CONSI: 8 lap: 1) 28 Kerry LaFleur, 97 Jay Bergan 2) 18 Nick Klettke (Ft. Atkinson)
LAST CHANCE: 12 Lap : 22 Mike Hart, 20 Dale Warner, 2 David Krull, 77 Charlie Spry
Heats: 8 lap: 1) 7 Kyle Watters (Sun Prairie) 2) 98 Tom Bleeker (Watertown)     3) 2 David Krull (Cambridge)

                    4) 42 Bill Sweeney (Janesville)