Jefferson Speedway Race Report:

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 Chesmore Notches Another Win at Jefferson Speedway!
By Larry  & Jeanne Starr

July 31, 2004; Jefferson, Wis. - Dan Chesmore of Janesville extended his lead in the Late Model point standings, with a win in the “Watertown Bowl 50.” Starting 7th Chesmore started his drive to the front as Chad Reimer claimed the early lead. Reimer guided the way for 41 laps, as Chesmore worked his way to the second spot.

Photo Highlights

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Dan Chesmore (r) receives the winner's trophy from Bob Schmidt (l) after racing to victory in the "Watertown Bowl 50", 50-lap late model feature race Saturday at Jefferson Speedway.
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Dan Chesmore (27) passes Chad Reimer (19) on his way to winning the "Watertown Bowl 50", 50-lap late model feature race Saturday at Jefferson Speedway. 42801a.jpg (14062 bytes)
Trent Erdman (11) works past Ed Jackson (87) enroute to the win in the sportsman main event Saturday at Jefferson Speedway.  42801a.jpg (14062 bytes)
Tim Seitz (57) outruns Tory Adams (49) Saturday in the  international class headliner at Jefferson Speedway.  It was Seitzą second win of the year.
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Brett Carson (94) leads Larry Moen in the hobby stock feature July 31 at Jefferson Speedway. Carson won and Moen placed fourth. 42801a.jpg (14062 bytes)
Dan Gosda (21) was the top gun in the bandit feature race Saturday at Jefferson Speedway. Here he leads eventual runnerup Renee Collins (08).

Andy Wendt moved into the 2nd spot, on lap 18, but could not find his way past Reimer. Chesmore made his way past Jason Schuler, for 3rd on lap 31, closing with Wendt. Wendt surrendered the 2nd spot, to Chesmore, on lap 37. Closing with Reimer, Chesmore moved to the inside, claiming the point on lap 42. At the stripe it was Chesmore for the win followed by Reimer, Wendt, Schuler and Steve Dobbratz.

In International action Tim Seitz of Edgerton claimed top honors in the 20 lap feature. Starting inside row 5, Seitz headed toward the point as Derek Bettenhausen pulled to the early lead. Seitz moved up quickly, relieving Bettenhausen at the point on lap 3. From there Seitz showed the way to the checkered flag. At the finish it was Seitz followed by Tim Petrie, Tory Adams, Scotty Hoeft and Steve Allman.

In Sportsman division action Trent Erdman of Fort Atkinson turned up in the win column in the 30 lap main event. Starting 13th in the field, Erdman started the long drive to the front, as Chris Schoonover claimed the early lead. Erdman made his way past Tom Reents for the second spot on lap 27. On lap 28, Schoonover received the Black Flag, for smoke and fluid coming from the back of his car, moving Erdman to the point. At the stripe it was Erdman for the win, followed by Reents, Bret Schmidt, Noel Ramge and Cliff Rucks.

In Hobby Stock action, Brett Schmidt of Johnson Creek guided the way flag-to-flag, winning the 20 lap feature. Starting outside row 1, Carson took the lead at the green flag and never looked back. At the checkers it was Carson followed by Dennis Schmidt, Jim Robinson, Larry Moen and Bryon Grassl.

In Bandit division action Dan “Big Tiny” Gosda of Sun Prairie turned a 6th place start into a feature win, in the 28 lapper. At the green flag Ryan Oldenhoff grabbed the point showing the way for 10 laps. Gosda made his way to 2nd on lap 3, closing with Oldenhoff by lap 7. After a, 3 lap, battle Gosda made his way past Oldenhoff, showing the way to the checkers. At the finish it was Gosda, followed by Renee Collins, Bill Sweeney, Tom Bleeker and Oldenhoff.

Next week Jefferson Speedway hosts the “Good Karma Cup 50” with a 50 lap Late Model feature and a full racing program, in all 5 divisions. Also on tap are the Kid’s Events, rescheduled from the July 3 program: “Race Car Rides for Kids", “Big Wheel Races” and the “Coin Toss for Kids.” To allow time for the kid’s events the regular schedule has been modified. The gates open at 1:00PM, qualifying starts at 3:00PM, kid’s rides are from 5:15-6:15PM and racing is at 7:00PM sharp.

Jefferson Speedway is on Highway 18, half way between Jefferson and Cambridge Wisconsin.

Jefferson Speedway - Date: July 31, 2004 - Event: Watertown Bowl 50 + Demo Derby

Late Model Feature Finish: Laps: 50
1. 27 Dan Chesmore (Janesville)          10. 46 Nick Wendt (Watertown)
2. 19 Chad Reimer (Oconomowoc)       11. 4 Chris Quam (Stoughton)
3. 18 Andy Wendt (Watertown)             12. 1 Bruce Lee (Edgerton)
4. 97 Jason Schuler (Cambridge)          13. 44 Roger Behlke (Jefferson)
5. 52 Steve Dobbratz (Rio)                    14. 82 Chad Stevens (Orfordville)
6. 94 John Ovadal Jr. (Watertown)        15. 71 Tim Noble (Janesville)
7. 4 Jason Thoma (Jefferson)                16. 41 Mike Taylor (Stoughton)
8. 19 Randy Breunig (Columbus)          17. 87 Kyle Jarlsberg (Cambridge)
9. 99 Doug Hahn (Whitewater)              18. 2 Matt Frey (Cambridge)
10. 76 Ron Bishofberger (Ft. Atkinson) 19. 68 Ken Olson (Ft. Atkinson)
FAST QUALIFIER : 71 Tim Noble (Janesville): 14.646 seconds
FAST DASH: 8 Lap : 19 Randy Breunig (Columbus)
LAST CHANCE: 20 Lap : 2 Matt Frey, 46 Nick Wendt, 76 Ron Bishofberger, 41 Mike Taylor, 4 Chris Quam, 44 Roger Behlke, 87 Kyle Jarlsberg
Heats: 10 lap: 1) 11 Russ Goodwin (Beloit) 2) 33 Dylan Schuyler (Dousman) 3) 56 Don Mattrisch (Whitewater)

International Feature: Laps: 20
1. 57 Tim Seitz (Edgerton)        4. 00 Scotty Hoeft (Watertown)
2. 11 Tim Petrie (Whitewater)    5. 79 Steve Allman (Oconomowoc)
3. 49 Troy Adams (Madison)     6. 12 Allan Petrie (Sun Prairie)
FAST QUALIFIER : 00 Scotty Hoeft (Watertown): 16.664 seconds
FAST DASH: 6 Lap : 00 Scotty Heft (Watertown)
Heats: 10 lap: 1) 67 Joe Cross (Sun Prairie) 2) 11 Tim Petrie (Whitewater)

Sportsman Feature: Laps: 30
1. 11 Trent Erdman (Ft. Atkinson)    4. 17 Noel Ramge (Hellenville)
2. 42 Tom Reents (Janesville)          5. 5 Cliff Rucks (Edgerton)
3. 20 Bret Schmidt (Watertown)       6. 94 Craig Henning (Hellenville)
FAST QUALIFIER : 17 Noel Ramge (Hellenville): 15.472 seconds
FAST DASH: 6 Lap : 42 Tom Reents (Janesville)
LAST CHANCE: 15 Lap : 19 Dan Schmidt, 87 Ed Jackson, 21 Tony Chase, 59 Judy Weir

Heats: 10 lap: 1) 2 Kyle Padfield (Stoughton) 2) 8 Rick Schoonover (Janesville) 3) 28 Mark Deporter (Ft. Atkinson)

Hobby Stock Feature: Laps: 20
1. 94 Bret Carson (Johnson Creek)       4. 10 Larry Moen (Madison)
2. 19 Dennis Schmidt (Johnson Creek) 5. 38 Bryon Grassl (Janesville)
3. 33 Jim Robinson (Orfordville)             6. 6 Eaan Carson (Ft. Atkinson)
FAST QUALIFIER : 67 Russ Nicholson (Stoughton): 17.018 seconds
FAST DASH: 6 Lap : 55 Terry Wangsness (Delavan)
CONSI: 8 Lap : 49 Buck Stults, 9 Bill Emmons
LAST CHANCE: 12 Lap : 37 Chris Jackson, 08 Dennis Smith, 99 Lincoln Keeser, 4 Chris Higgins

Heats: 8 lap: 1) 41 Nick Newton (Jefferson) 2) 7 Scott Carson (Ft. Atkinson) 3) 31 Ken Au (Jefferson) 4) 33 Jim Robinson (Orfordville)

Bandit Feature: Laps: 15
1. 21 Dan Gosda (Sun Prairie)    4. 98 Tom Bleeker (Watertown)
2. 08 Renee Collins (Lake Mills)  5. 29 Ryan Oldenhoff (Ft. Atkinson)
3. 42 Bill Sweeney (Janesville)    6. 3 Rory Padfield (Stoughton)
FAST QUALIFIER : 42 Bill Sweeney (Janesville): 15.002 seconds
FAST DASH: 5 Lap : 08 Renee Collins (Lake Mills)
CONSI: 8 Lap : 90 Lyle Smith, 11 Andy Bauler
LAST CHANCE: 12 Lap : 71 Tim Bristol, 18 Nick Klettke, 27 Tom Schuette, 85 Matt Lorenz
Heats: 8 lap: 1) 11 Andy Bauler (Milton) 2) 11 Shaun Scheel (Lake Mills) 3) 75 Paula Seitz (Edgerton) 4) 21 Dan Gosda (Sun Prairie)