Jefferson Speedway Race Report:

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Champions Crowned at Jefferson Speedway!
By Larry  & Jeanne Starr

September 11, 2004; Jefferson, Wis. - Janesville’s Dan Chesmore capped his 2004 Late Model Championship, with a victory in the “Havill-Spoerl 75,” feature. Starting 15th Chesmore headed toward the front as Chris Quam charged to the early lead. Quam held off all challengers for 68, of the 75, laps.

Photo Highlights

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Dan Chesmore (#27) works the low side of Chris Quam (#4), in the Late Model feature.  Chesmore is on his way to the win, with Quam finishing 2nd.
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Kyle Padfield won the season champ- ionship sportsman main event Saturday at Jefferson Speedway.
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Chris Nelson Jr. takes the checkered flag, ahead of Brent Nottestad (#70), in the International feature. 42801a.jpg (14062 bytes)
Larry Moen (#10), moving under Bryon Grassl (#38) in the Hobby Stock feature.  Moen goes on to win the race.42801a.jpg (14062 bytes)
Bill Sweeney (#42) goes past Paula Seitz (#75), on his way to winning the Bandit feature.

Chesmore claimed the 2nd spot on lap 58 closing with Quam. Quam fought hard to stay at the front but slipped, just enough, on lap 68 for Chesmore to claim the top spot, followed by Kyle Jarlsberg, for 2nd. At the checkered flag it was Chesmore for the win, followed by Jarlsberg, Quam, Ken Olson and Jason Thoma.

Chris Nelson of Cottage Grove claimed top honors in the International division’s, 30 lap, Championship feature. Stating 11th, Nelson headed toward the front as Jordan Hill grabbed the early lead. Hill’s turn at the point lasted a single lap, as he was relieved by Tim Seitz. With Seitz in the lead, Tory Adams moved up to challenge, on the 18th circuit. The battle ended, on lap 27, when Adams’ car erupted in a cloud of steam. While the caution was out, Seitz car was found to be leaking fluid, and was sent from the track, leaving Nelson in the top spot for the restart. At the stripe it was Nelson for the win, followed by Brent Nottestad, Steve Allman, Mike Drays, Tim Petrie and Scotty Hoeft. The sixth place finish was more than enough for Hoeft to maintain his lead, in the Championship points.

In Sportsman division action Kyle Padfield claimed top honors in the 40 lap main event. Fourth in the lineup, Padfield moved to the front row, after a collision took out the front 2 cars at the green flag, bringing about a, complete, restart. Padfield powered to the lead, guiding the field, flag-to-flag to win the event. At the finish it was Padfield, followed by Trent Erdman, Brandon Riedner, Dave Oswald and Mark Deporter.

The Sportsman division had the closest battle, for the Championship, with Deporter starting the night with an 11 point lead, over Noel Ramge. After qualifying, and heat races, that lead had narrowed to 3 points. Ramge was caught up in a crash, during his heat race, and had to borrow a backup car, for the feature. Deporters’ 5th place finish, over Ramges’ 11th, in the feature secured the Championship for Deporter.

In Hobby Stock action Larry Moen of Madison notched a win, in the 30 lap feature. Starting 7th Moen made his way to the front, as Lincoln Keeser drove to the early lead. Keeser surrendered the point, to Jessie Ayers on lap 19, with Moen up to the 3rd spot. Moen made his way past Keeser on lap 21, closing with Ayers. Running 2nd at the white flag, Moen moved to the inside, looking for the win. Ayers slipped high, in turn 2, giving Moen the opening that he had been looking for. As they flew past the checkered flag it was Moen for the win followed by Ayers, Eaan Carson, Ken Au and Keeser.
Terry Wangsness started the night with an insurmountable lead, in the Hobby Stock Championship points.

In Bandit action, Bill Sweeney of Janesville cemented his second Championship, by winning the 28 lap main. Starting 16th Sweeney started the long drive to the front, as Shaun Scheel led the field. Patiently picking his way through the field, Sweeney claimed 3rd on lap 19. Powering under Scheel, Sweeney claimed the top spot on lap 22, opening a strong lead on his way to the checkers. Sweeney was first at the finish followed by Scheel, Bobby Selsing, Paula Seitz and Jody Krueger.

This concludes the 2004 Championship chase at Jefferson Speedway.

Next week Jefferson Speedway hosts the 24th Annual “Pepsi Wisconsin State Championships," with two full nights of racing action.

Friday night the gates open at 1:00PM, the track opens for practice at 2:00PM, qualifying starts at 5:00PM and racing starts at 8:00.

Saturday night the gates will open at 2:00PM and racing begins at 6:00PM. For complete detail check the schedule online at

Camping will be available at the track.

Jefferson Speedway is half way between Jefferson and Cambridge Wisconsin on Highway 18.

Jefferson Speedway - Date: September 11, 2004 - Event: Havill-Spoerl Season Championships.

Late Model Feature Finish: Laps: 75
1. 27 Dan Chesmore (Janesville)         11. 82 Chad “Squirt” Stevens (Orfordville)
2. 87 Kyle Jarlsberg (Cambridge)        12. 56 Don Mattrisch (Ft. Atkinson)
3. 4 Chris Quam (Stoughton)               13. 52 Steve Dobbratz (Rio)
4. 68 Ken Olson (Ft. Atkinson)            14. 44 Roger Behlke (Jefferson)
5. 4 Jason Thoma (Jefferson)               15. 16 Luke Westenberg (Watertown)
6. 14 Scott Nottestad (Stoughton)       16. 12 Greg Bowers (Waterloo)
7. 76 Ron Bishofberger (Ft. Atkinson) 17. 71 John Ovadal Jr. (Watertown)
8. 11 Beau Sanden (Janesville)          18. 22 Jasper Gronert (Ft. Atkinson)
9. 94 Jason Erickson (Cambridge)      19. 71 Tim Noble (Janesville)
10. 33 Dylan Schuyler (Dousman)      20. 19 Randy Breunig (Columbus)
FAST QUALIFIER : 71 Tim Noble (Janesville): 14.672 seconds
FAST DASH: 8 Lap : 33 Dylan Schuyler (Dousman)
LAST CHANCE: 20 Lap : 56 Don Mattrisch, 22 Jasper Gronert, 12 Greg Bowers, 16 Luke Westenberg
Heats: 10 lap: 1) 41 Mike Taylor (Stoughton) 2) 82 Chad “Squirt” Stevens (Orfordville)   3) 1 Bruce Lee (Edgerton)

International Feature: Laps: 30
1. 73 Chris Nelson (Cottage Grove)      4. 48 Mike Drays (Milton)
2. 70 Brent Nottestad (Deerfield)          5. 11 Tim Petrie (Whitewater)
3. 79 Steve Allman (Oconomowoc)      6. 00 Scotty Hoeft (Watertown)
FAST QUALIFIER : 00 Scotty Hoeft (Watertown): 17.790 seconds
FAST DASH: 6 Lap : 73 Chris Nelson (Cottage Grove)
Heats: 10 lap: 1) 99 Jordan Hill (Black Earth) 2) 57 Tim Seitz (Edgerton)

Sportsman Feature: Laps: 40
1. 2 Kyle Padfield (Edgerton)               4. 31 Dave Oswald (Cottage Grove)
2. 11 Trent Erdman (Ft. Atkinson)       5. 28 Mark Deporter (Ft. Atkinson)
3. 4D Brandon Riedner (Waunakee)    6. 4 Luke Padfield (Jefferson)
FAST QUALIFIER : 11 Trent Erdman (Ft. Atkinson): 15.379 seconds
FAST DASH: 6 Lap : 4 Luke Padfield (Jefferson)
LAST CHANCE: 15 Lap : 14 Kyle Taylor, 8 Mike Heelein, 3 Curt Thompson, 30 Kyle Munro
Heats: 10 lap: 1) 98 Jeremiah Yanke (Ft. Atkinson) 2) 55 Carey Hensel (Stoughton)  3) 57 Mark English (Janesville)

Hobby Stock Feature: Laps: 30
1. 10 Larry Moen (Madison)              4. 31 Ken Au (Jefferson)
2. 44 Jesse Ayers (Stoughton)         5. 99 Lincoln Keeser (Whitewater)
3. 2 Eaan Carson (Ft. Atkinson)       6. 52 Pete Elgas (Janesville)
FAST QUALIFIER : 55 Terry Wangsness (Delavan): 16.690 seconds
FAST DASH: 6 Lap : 94 Brett Carson (Johnson Creek)
CONSI: 8 Lap : 11 Steven Sauer, 40 Leroy Gronert
LAST CHANCE: 12 Lap : 7 Scott Carson, 9 Bill Emmons, 33 Jim Robinson, 40 Jim Schmidt
Heats: 8 lap: 1) 00 Justin Wagner (Mooresville, NC) 2) 99 Lincoln Keeser (Whitewater) 3) 10 Larry Moen (Madison) 4) 44 Jesse Ayers (Stoughton)

Bandit Feature: Laps: 28
1. 42 Bill Sweeney (Janesville)         4. 75 Paula Seitz (Edgerton)
2. 17 Shaun Scheel (Lake Mills)       5. Z/28 Jody Krueger (Edgerton)
3. 42 Bobby Selsing (Ft. Atkinson)   6. 27 Tom Schuette (Sullivan)

FAST QUALIFIER : 42 Bill Sweeney (Janesville): 15.181 seconds
FAST DASH: 5 Lap : Z/28 Jody Krueger (Edgerton)
CONSI: 8 Lap : 90 Kyle Smith, 86 Ron Nelson
LAST CHANCE: 12 Lap : 30 Darren Brown, 6 Zak Czeszynski, 22 Michael Hart, 86 Ron Nelson

Heats: 8 lap: 1) 86 Jeff Ciano (Milton) 2) 75 Paula Seitz (Edgerton)  3) 27 Tom Schuette (Sullivan) 4) 21 Dan Gosda (Sun Prairie)