Jefferson Speedway Race Report:

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Koepke Notches First Late Model Feature at Jefferson Speedway
By Larry Starr

September 3, 2005;  Jefferson WI - Tony Koepke of Fort Atkinson claimed top honors in the, 50 lap, Late Model feature at Jefferson Speedway. Starting outside row 2, Koepke headed to the point, as Mike Taylor claimed the early lead. Taylor led the way for 7 laps, with Koepke searching for an opening.

Photo Highlights

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Tony Koepke (32) of Ft. Atkinson passes Mike Taylor (41) on his way to
winning the 50-lap late model feature race Saturday at Jefferson Speedway.
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Jason Thoma (42) put on a great side-by- side battle with Dave Oswald (outside) on his way to the top spot in the sportsman feature Saturday at Jefferson Speedway.
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Mark English (57) of Janesville took the lead from Chris Gottschalk and went on to victory in the international class feature race Saturday at Jefferson Speedway.42801a.jpg (14062 bytes)
Scott Carson (7) won the hobby stock feature Saturday at Jefferson Speedway.
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Brandon Riedner (4D) of Waunakee  beat eventual runnerup Darren Brown (25) of Jefferson to win the bandit division feature Saturday night at Jefferson Speedway.

Driving to the inside, on lap 6, Koepke made the winning pass on lap 7, guiding the way from there to the checkers. Koepke opened a strong lead as the battle raged far behind, with Jason Erickson and Tim Noble, the top 2 in the point standings, fighting their way through the field. At the stripe it was Koepke for the win, followed by Luke Westenberg, Dylan Schuyler, Erickson and Noble.

Tonight was the night of the “Iron Man Races” for those drivers who have made every race in the 2005 season. Roger Behlke of Jefferson won the “Iron Man” for the Late Models.

In International action Mark English of Janesville notched another win, in the 15 lap main event, stretching his point lead over Chris Nelson. Starting inside row 3, English headed toward the front as Keryn Hopwood jumped to the early lead. Chris Gottschalk relieved Hopwood at the point, on lap 3, with English close behind for 2nd. English challenged Gottschalk, for 3 laps, claiming the lead on lap 6. At the stripe it was English for the win, followed by Gottschalk, Scotty Hoeft, Mark Joyner and Bill Sweeney. Nelson developed, apparent, engine trouble at the start of the race, dropping out early.

Chris Gottschalk won the “Iron Man” for the International division.

In Sportsman action Jason Thoma drove from a 13th place start to victory lane, in the 30 lap feature event. Chris Ehrhart took the lead at the green flag, showing the way for 5 laps before being overtaken by Dan Schmidt. Schmidt’s turn at the point lasted 2 laps, as Dave Oswald drove to the front on lap 9. As Oswald pulled ahead, Mark DePorter made his bid for the 2nd spot, dropping Schmidt to 3rd by lap 12. DePorter moved to the inside of Oswald, pulling even many times, but was never able to complete the pass. By lap 14, Thoma made his way to 3rd, looking for a way past both of the top 2. DePorter’s bid ended on lap 21, with a spin, to the infield, off the 2nd turn. Thoma moved to the inside of Oswald, launching his bid for the top spot. The pair battled side-by-side for 7 laps, with Oswald working the high groove and Thoma digging on the bottom. Thoma edged ahead on lap 28, claiming the point before the white flag. At the finish it was Thoma for the win, followed by Oswald, Trent Erdman, Schmidt and Curt Thompson.

Dan Schmidt won the “Iron Man” for the Sportsman division.

In Hobby Stock action Scott Carson claimed top honors in the 20 lap feature. Starting outside row 3, Carson headed to the front, as Nick Newton grabbed the early lead. Newton led the way for 7 laps before surrendering the point to Carson. Once at the front, Carson led all the way to the finish. At the stripe it was Scott Carson for the win followed by Pete Elgas, Brett Carson, Jesse Ayers and Dennis Schmidt.

Lincoln Keeser won the “Iron Man” for the Hobby Stocks.

In Bandit action Brandon “Bud” Riedner of Waunakee won the 20 lap feature. Starting inside row 6, Riedner started toward the front as Darren Brown claimed the early lead. Brown led the way for 14 laps as Riedner battled through traffic. Claiming the 2nd spot, on lap 10, Riedner moved up behind Brown, looking for an opening. Trying the inside on lap 13 Riedner came up short, so he tried the outside on lap 14, claiming the point by lap 15. At the stripe it was Riedner for the win, followed by Brown, Sean Watters, Chris Hart and James Bell.

Tyler White won the “Iron Man” for the Bandits.

The “Great American Bartender’s Race” was won by Doug “Muggsy” Madison of Mugg’s Bar in Hellenville.
Chris Gottschalk won the Bubble Race.

Next week at Jefferson Speedway Havill-Spoerl Automotive Family presents the “Season Championships,” with a 60 lap Late Model feature and extended features in all divisions. This is the final night in the 2005 points chase. Champions will be determined in all racing divisions.

Gates open at 2:00, Qualifying at 4:30 and racing starts at 7:00 sharp.

Jefferson Speedway’s 2005 season closes, in 2 weeks, with the, 2 day, 25th annual “Wisconsin State Championships."
Jefferson Speedway is half way between Cambridge and Jefferson Wisconsin on Highway 18.

Jefferson Speedway Race Summary -  09/03/2005  Labor Day Special

 Late Model Division   
              Feature Finish
   1) 32 Tony Koepke (Fort Atkinson)          2) 16 Luke Westenberg (Watertown)
   3) 33 Dylan Schuyler                                 4) 94 Jason Erickson (Lake Mills)
   5) 50 Tim Noble (Janesville)                      6) 44 Roger Behlke
   7) 61 Jerry Eckhardt (Johnson Creek)      8) 17 Noel Ramge (Helenville)
   9) 91 Matt Berger                                   10) 23 Chris Koepke (Jefferson)
  11) 6 Ken Piotrowski (Janesville)             12) 41 Mike Taylor (Stoughton)
  13) 87 Kyle Jarlsberg (Cambridge)          14) 12 Greg Bowers (Waterloo)
  15) 52 Steve Dobbratz (Rio)                    16) 2 Matt Frey
  17) 18 Mike Ehde                                   18) 0 Scott Hatton
  19) 00 Paul Kisow                                  20) 19 Randy Breunig (Columbus)
 Fast Qualifier:   50 Tim Noble (Janesville)              :  14.400 seconds
 Iron Man: 44 Roger Behlke (Jefferson)
 Fast Dash: 16 Luke Westenberg (Watertown)
 LastChance: 12 Greg Bowers, 6 Ken Piotrowski, 2 Matt Frey, 18 Mike Ehde
 Heats: Qual1) 17 Noel Ramge, Qual2) 00 Paul Kisow

 International Division               Feature Finish
   1) 57 Mark English                              2) 61 Chris Gottschalk (Jefferson)
   3) 00 Scotty Hoeft (Watertown)          4) 4 Mark Joyner (Palmyra)
   5) 42 Bill Sweeney (Janesville)             6) 02 Michelle Heimann (Madison)
 Fast Qualifier:   00 Scotty Hoeft (Watertown)            :  16.749 seconds
 Iron Man: 61 Chris Gottschalk (Jefferson)
 Fast Dash: 57 Mark English
 Heats: Qual1) 61 Chris Gottschalk

 Sportsman Division   
               Feature Finish
   1) 42 Jason Thoma                                 2) 31 David Oswald (Cottage Grove)
   3) 11 Trent Erdman (Fort Atkinson)       4) 19 Dan Schmidt (Waterton)
   5) 3 Curt Thompson (Fort Atkinson)     6) 6 Chris Ehrhart
 Fast Qualifier:   42 Jason Thoma                         :   15.175 seconds
 Iron Man: 19 Dan Schmidt (Watertown)
 Fast Dash: 4 Luke Padfield (Jeffersonm)
 Heats: Qual1) 87 Ed Jackson

 Hobby Stock Division 
               Feature Finish
   1) 7 Scott Carson                                    2) 52 Pete Elgas (Janesville)
   3) 1 Brett Carson (Johnson Creek)          4) 44 Jesse Ayers (Stoughton)
   5) 19 Dennis Schmidt (Johnson Creek)   6) 11 Steve Sauer (Waterloo)
 Fast Qualifier:    1 Brett Carson (Johnson Creek)        :  16.493 seconds
 Iron Man: 99 Lincoln Keeser (Whitewater)
 Fast Dash: 52 Pete Elgas (Janesville)
 LastChance: 88 William Stephenson, 21 Dan Gosda, 89 Brian Piller,
            29 Ryan Oldenhoff
 Heats: Qual1) 41 Nick Newton, qual2) 99 Lincoln Keeser

 Bandit Division                      Feature Finish
   1) 4D Brandon Riedner (Waunakee)       2) 25 Darren Brown (Jefferson)
   3) 77 Sean Watters (Sun Prairie)              4) 22 Chris Hart (Edgerton)
   5) 27 James Bell                                      6) 98 Tom Bleecker (Watertown)
 Fast Qualifier:   4D Brandon Riedner (Waunakee)          :  14.828 seconds
 Iron Man: 24 Tyler White (Fort Atkinson)
 Fast Dash: 6 Zak Czeszynski (Oconomowoc)
 Consi: 4 Steve Fulwiler, 7 Kyle Watters
 LastChance: Z28 Jody Krueger, 92 Marc W. Balis, 21 Rodney Mundt, 2 David Krull
 Heats: Qual1) 86 Ron Nelson, qual2) 77 Sean Watters