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JEFFERSON, WI (Saturday, June 15, 2013) “Thrillin” Dylan Schuyler of Jefferson scored his first feature victory of the season on Saturday night at Jefferson Speedway. Schuyler made the winning pass just after the halfway point of the O’Reilly Auto Parts 50 lap Late Model main event en route to picking up the trophy.

Kyle Smith and Kyle Taylor led the field to green with Smith taking the early lead on lap one. Brandon Pendleton followed into second as Taylor slipped back into the pack. On lap two, Pendleton made his move under Smith to grab control of the top spot with Stephen Scheel following into second. The sole caution of the event appeared on lap eight when Smith and Tyler Peterson made contact on the front stretch. Pendleton restarted as the leader with Scheel in second and Schuyler up to third. On lap 12, Schuyler charged under Scheel looking for second. A lap later, Schuyler was clear for the runner up position as he pulled up behind Pendleton. Schuyler began to apply pressure on the low side of the leader on lap 22 with Pendleton holding him off momentarily. But on lap 29, Schuyler got a good run, drawing even with Pendleton. A lap later, Schuyler cleared for the lead as they exited turn four. Schuyler began to stretch his advantage while Dale Nottestad moved up to challenge Pendleton for the second spot. Nottestad got by Pendleton for second on lap 36 with Kyle Jarlsberg in tow for third. Nottestad and Jarlsberg began a battle for second allowing Schuyler to slip away further at the front. Jarlsberg eventually got by Nottestad for second, but Schuyler was already well on his way to picking up the checkers and the win. Jarlsberg finished second followed by Nottestad, Pendleton and Zack Riddle.

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JEFFERSON, WI (Saturday, June 08, 2013) Stoughton’s Chris Quam grabbed control of the Brown’s Heating and Air Conditioning 50 lap Late Model main event and stayed there through the checkered flag to pick up the victory. The win marks Quam’s first feature win since the 2010 season at Jefferson Speedway.

Brandon Pendleton and Tyler Peterson led the field to green with Peterson holding the advantage on lap one. Peterson cleared for sole possession of the top spot on lap two as Quam tried to follow around the outside of Pendleton. Quam completed the pass for second on lap three bringing Roger Behlke along for third. Quam began to apply heavy pressure to Peterson on the point, taking a look on the low side of the leader on lap eight. Peterson reclaimed the lead for himself on lap 11, but Quam stayed on his rear bumper looking for an opening. The top five lined up single file as they broke away from the rest of the pack. On lap 19, Quam took a second look under Peterson, this time drawing even as they battled for the lead. Quam took control of the top spot on lap 22 while Ryan Goldade began to work over Behlke for third. Goldade grabbed the third position just before a caution slowed the field on lap 27. Quam restarted as the leader with Peterson in second and Goldade riding in third. As racing resumed, Goldade and Peterson made contact entering turn one resulting in Peterson spinning for the second and final caution. As the field got back to racing, Quam continued to show the way with Behlke now in second and Dylan Schuyler up to third. Quam was never seriously challenged as the laps wound down and he cruised to the checkers for the win. Behlke was second followed by Schuyler, Pendleton and Ty James.

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JEFFERSON, WI (Saturday, June 01, 2013) Jerry Eckhardt of Johnson Creek scored a popular victory at Wisconsin’s Action Track on Saturday night. Eckhardt got to the front of the field just after the halfway point of the Stoddard’s Country Meat Market and Catering 50 lap Late Model feature and hung on to get the win.

Tyler Peterson and Craig Phillips paced the field to green with Peterson taking the early lead through turns one and two on the opening lap. Phillips fell in line behind Peterson with Eckhardt riding in third. Peterson began to stretch his advantage while Eckhardt started to challenge Phillips for second. By lap 15, the leaders were spread out with Peterson showing the way and Eckhardt up to second. Around lap 20, Eckhardt started to reel in Peterson at the front of the pack. Eckhardt closed in lap after lap until he found himself on the rear bumper of Peterson by lap 27. Eckhardt took a peek to the inside, drawing even for the top spot on lap 28. Eckhardt inched forward until finally clearing for the point on lap 32. Two caution periods followed with Eckhardt as the new leader. On lap 36, Ryan Goldade made his way around Peterson to claim second with Kyle Jarlsberg in tow for third. Goldade began searching for a way to get by Eckhardt, but Eckhardt held him off lap after lap. One final caution slowed the pace on lap 45 setting up a five lap shootout to the finish. But Eckhardt held serve over the final circuits to see the checkers first and get the win. Goldade settled for second followed by Jarlsberg, Casey Johnson and Zack Riddle.

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JEFFERSON, WI (Saturday, May 25, 2013) Tim Sargent of South Beloit, IL, shook off some early season gremlins at Wisconsin’s Action Track and ended his evening in victory lane after capturing the Pepsi 50 lap Late Model feature. “The Sarge” held off all challenges en route to leading every lap of the main event to win his first feature of the season.

Sargent and Ty James paced the field to the green flag. Sargent led lap one, clearing for the top spot as they crossed the stripe to complete the opening circuit. James fell in line behind Sargent as he began to apply heavy pressure to the leader while Brandon Pendleton moved into third. Tory Bagley got by Pendleton just before the first of four cautions slowed the field. Sargent continued to show the way as racing resumed while Bagley and Pendleton battled for third. On lap 21, contact between Bagley and Pendleton resulted in the second caution as Bagley spun exiting turn two. Both drivers were relegated to the rear on the restart as Stephen Scheel took over the third spot. Sargent began to stretch his advantage once racing got back underway with James still in second. On lap 32, Scheel made a move to get by James for second with Casey Johnson in tow for third. A lap later, James pulled his mount off the racing surface as he experienced mechanical difficulties. Sargent’s lead continued to grow with Scheel now in second and Johnson on his rear bumper. A caution on lap 40 erased Sargent’s large lead, setting up a ten lap shootout to decide the winner. A good restart by Sargent allowed him to maintain his advantage over the pack as Scheel tried to hold off Johnson in second. After one final caution with two laps remaining, Sargent once again restarted well on his way to the checkers to pick up the win. Scheel finished second with Johnson, Dale Nottestad and Zack Riddle rounding out the top five.

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JEFFERSON, WI (Saturday, May 18, 2013) Dale Nottestad of Cambridge charged to the front of the field on Saturday night at Jefferson Speedway and drove away to capture the B&M Electric 50 lap feature. The win marks Nottestad’s second in a row at Wisconsin’s Action Track as he battles for a spot at the top of the standings.

Brandon Pendleton and Craig Phillips paced the field of 18 of the area’s best Late Model pilots as the green flag flew to start the action. Pendleton grabbed the early lead on lap one with Ryan Goldade sliding up to second. On lap two, Goldade made his move to the front of the field as he drove to the low of Pendleton. The duo raced side by side until Goldade took control of the point on lap four. Tory Bagley followed past Pendleton for second just as the first of two cautions waved on lap ten. As racing resumed, Nottestad made his way into the top five. Nottestad squeaked by Pendleton for third right before the second caution waved on lap 14. Once the green flag returned, Nottestad continued his trek to the front, moving past Bagley and setting his sights on Goldade. On lap 17, Nottestad dove under Goldade entering turn one. The pair of drivers battled wheel to wheel for a lap until Nottestad gained possession of the lead on lap 18. Nottestad began to stretch his lead as the laps ticked away. Zack Riddle continued to slice his way towards the front with Casey Johnson following him through the field. Riddle managed to get to second in the closing laps, but Nottestad was well on his way to taking home the trophy for the second week in a row. At the checkers, it was Nottestad by a wide margin followed by Riddle, Johnson, Goldade and Bagley.

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