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by Andrew Schaller
JEFFERSON, WI (Saturday, September 8, 2012) Rookie Late Model pilot Stephen Scheel of Lake Mills waited until the final points race of the 2012 season to pick up his first career feature win in the division. While Scheel won the battle, Stoughton's Casey Johnson won the war. Johnson survived mechanical difficulties at the start of the Havill Spoerl 65 lap main event to capture his second Late Model crown at Wisconsin's Action Track.

Scheel and Roger Behlke brought the field to the drop of the green flag. Before the completion of lap one, Johnson spun in turn four to force the only caution of the event. Johnson pulled into the pit area and retired for the evening as the field prepared to go green once again. Scheel grabbed control as racing resumed with Chris Quam pulling up under Behlke in a battle for second. Quam moved into second on lap two with Brady Liddle in tow for the third spot. A few laps later, Liddle got by Quam for second as Scheel was already enjoying a large lead. Liddle began to reel in the leader as the top three pulled away from the rest of the pack. By lap 25, Liddle was right behind Scheel as he applied pressure from the second position. Liddle remained on Scheel's rear bumper lap after lap as the pair of drivers continued to stretch their lead. The duo raced through heavy lapped traffic with Scheel showing the way the entire time. Liddle made one last attempt on the final lap, looking to the inside of Scheel entering turn three, but Scheel held off his advances to take the checkered flag first for the win. Liddle was second with Shaun Scheel, Dale Nottestad and Kyle Jarlsberg rounding out the top five.

by Andrew Schaller
JEFFERSON, WI (Saturday, September 01, 2012) Johnson Creek's Jerry Eckhardt grabbed control just past the halfway point of the 50 lap Late Model main event and held on to get the victory. The win marked Eckhardt's second feature win of the 2012 campaign with only one more week left in the regular season.

Chris Quam and Stephen Scheel paced the field to green with Quam taking control of the point on lap one and Eckhardt charging up alongside Scheel for second. After battling for a few laps, Eckhardt slid into sole possession of the second spot on lap six while Quam continued to show the way. The field slowed on lap nine for the first of four cautions when Dylan Schuyler spun on the front stretch. As racing resumed, Eckhardt launched his bid for the lead as he began to challenge Quam on the low side. Eckhardt drew even on lap 16 as the pair of drivers began a battle that lasted several circuits. Quam and Eckhardt fought wheel to wheel, with each driver taking a turn sticking his nose out front. On lap 28, Eckhardt shot out of a cannon as he exited turn two as he rocketed into the lead. Two cautions on laps 29 and 33 changed nothing in the top five with Eckhardt out front and Quam in his mirror. On lap 35, Ty James drove to the high side of Bruce Lee to claim third and pull up behind Quam. A final caution on lap 45 set up a five lap shootout to the finish. On the restart, James used the outside groove to get by Quam for second while Eckhardt drove out to a commanding lead. At the checkers, it was Eckhardt for the win followed by James, Quam, Lee and Casey Johnson.

Jefferson’s Jason Thoma got the front of the field early in the 30 lap Sportsman feature and hung on to pick up the win. Mike Heelein and Jeff Schultz made up the front row for the start as they battled side by side to open up the action. On lap two, Schultz moved into the lead as Heelein back into a three wide fight for second between Thoma and Will Rece. Thoma emerged with the position a lap later with Rece taking over the third spot. On lap three, Thoma dove under Schultz looking to lead. After a brief battle, Thoma took over the top spot on lap five with Rece in tow for second and Mark Deporter following into third. Thoma began to move out to a comfortable lead until a caution on lap 14 erased his advantage. As racing resumed, Rece began to apply pressure to the leader, looking to the low side of Thoma. Rece continued to harass Thoma lap after lap, but Thoma stayed strong on the point all the way to the checkered flag for the win. Rece settled for second followed by Deporter, Seth Lootans and Schultz.

by Andrew Schaller
JEFFERSON, WI (Saturday, August 25, 2012) After taking several weeks off, Steve Dobbratz of Rio made his triumphant return to Wisconsin's Action Track as he claimed the Papa Murphy's Pizza 50 lap Late Model main event. Meanwhile, the points battle tightened up between leader Casey Johnson and his closest rival in the standings, Jason Erickson.

Noel Ramge and Craig Phillips paced the field to green with Ramge taking the initial lead out of turn two with Shaun Scheel following into second. Dobbratz sliced into third before completing the opening circuit. Scheel quickly made a move to the inside of Ramge while Dobbratz and Doug Hahn watched from behind. The see saw battle between Ramge and Scheel continued lap after lap until the caution waved on lap 13. Scheel was scored as the leader with Ramge right behind in second and Dobbratz riding in third. The leaders ran single file through one more caution on lap 15. On the restart, Dobbratz got a good run on the low side of Ramge for second, clearing on lap 16 with Hahn in tow for third. Dobbratz pulled up behind Scheel on lap 19, diving to the inside of the leader a lap later. Dobbratz cleared for the top spot as they exited turn four to complete lap 20. Scheel tried to fight back entering turn one, but Dobbratz maintained control of the lead with Hahn watching from third. Dobbratz continued to show the way while Dale Nottestad entered the top five. Nottestad picked his way up behind Scheel in second by lap 36, while Casey Johnson and Jason Erickson battled for position in the top five. Nottestad got past Scheel for second with nine laps remaining as the leaders tip toed through some lapped traffic. But through it all, Dobbratz kept control of the top spot as he flew past the checkers first to get the win. Nottestad finished second followed by Scheel, Hahn and Erickson.

by Andrew Schaller

JEFFERSON, WI (Saturday, August 11, 2012) After an early melee sent Kyle Jarlsberg to the rear of the field, the Jefferson pilot fought his way back through the pack to capture the Brown Heating and Air Conditioning 50 lap Late Model main event. The victory allowed Jarlsberg to join point leader Casey Johnson as the only three time feature winners of the season thus far.

Brady Liddle and Chris Quam led the field to the green as Quam grabbed control on lap one. Liddle dropped into line with Trent Erdman and Noel Ramge battling for third. The top four broke away from the rest of the field slightly as Quam continued to show the way. On lap five, Erdman began to creep up on the low side of Liddle looking to take second away. Erdman made the pass on lap six as Ramge tried to follow. The first of several cautions waved on lap 11 when Jarlsberg and Shaun Scheel got together down the front stretch resulting in Scheel spinning into turn one. Both drivers were sent to the rear for the restart as Jarlsberg began to his trek back to the front. As racing resumed, Quam began to feel the heat from Erdman for the top spot. Each lap, Erdman got a run on the low side entering turn one, but Quam would power back to the point down the back stretch. This continued lap after lap until a caution at the mid-way point of the race slowed the action. Quam and Erdman renewed their battle for the lead through two more cautions until Erdman got loose entering turn three on lap 39. Erdman slid up into Quam as he spun. Quam was able to hold on as he maintained the top spot for the restart. This time it was Liddle lining up behind Quam as he took a turn challenging for the lead. Liddle took a shot on the low side of Quam, drawing even with four laps to go. ON lap 48, Liddle slid up in turn two as the two competitors made contact sending Liddle around and bringing out the caution. Both drivers were forced to restart in the back handing the lead over to Jarlsberg who had methodically picked his way back to the front. Alex Papini restarted behind Jarlsberg for the two lap shootout to the finish. Jarlsberg took the green as he powered away from Papini on his way to the checkers. Papini was second followed by John Ovadal Jr, Doug Hahn and Bruce Lee.

by Andrew Schaller
JEFFERSON, WI (Saturday, July 28, 2012) Watertown’s John Ovadal Jr rocketed into the lead early in the Piggly Wiggly 50 lap Late Model main event and drove away to capture his first feature win on the 2012 campaign. Ovadal’s victory made him the ninth different driver to carry the checkers this season at Wisconsin’s Action Track

Noel Ramge and Stephen Scheel paced the field of 18 of the area’s best pilots to the green with Ramge grabbing the early lead in turn two. Ovadal followed Ramge into second with Dan Jung up to third. Ovadal immediately began to apply pressure to the leader as he took a look to the inside of Ramge. Ovadal got a good run on lap five, drawing even as they flew down the backstretch. A lap later, Ovadal was out front alone as he looked to put some distance between himself and the rest of the pack. Ovadal continued to stretch his advantage while Jung moved up to challenge Ramge for second. An intense battle between the two competitors ensued as they raced door to door, trading paint on several occasions. Jung finally claimed the runner up spot on lap 13 as Shaun Scheel moved to up to challenge Ramge next. On lap 22, Jung experienced mechanical difficulties as he fell off the pace and was forced to retire for the evening. The battle between Scheel and Ramge was now for second as Ovadal’s lead grew bigger lap after lap. Scheel and Ramge fought hard over the remainder of the event with Ramge holding the advantage over the majority of laps. Point leader Casey Johnson joined the fight for second in the closing circuits, but Ovadal was never seriously threatened during the caution free feature. At the checkers, it was Ovadal enjoying a large lead for the win while Ramge held on for second. Scheel was third with Johnson and Brady Liddle rounding out the top five.

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