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Late Model Feature Winner July 3 2021 Stephan Scheel 2

Stephen Scheel Claims his First Victory

CAMBRIDGE, WI (Saturday, July 3, 2021)             Stephan Scheel claims his first feature win of the season in victory lane of the Legacy Auto Sales’ 50 lap main event.

Rookie drivers Laney Osborne and Ryan Weyer paced the field to green as they battled side by side for control. It was Weyer who was able to take the lead. On lap eight, Stephen Scheel would battle side by side with Weyer and Scheel would come out in the lead on lap nine. Three laps later, on lap twelve, the first of three cautions flew for the scuffle between Seth Reamer and Jason Erickson. Both would be sent to the tail for the restart. Both Scheel brothers would restart at the front of the field, with Dylan Schulyer and Weyer behind them. St.Scheel would take the lead and two laps later Osborne would bring out the second caution spinning on her own. Stephen would restart the race with Schulyer on the outside and his brother, Shaun Scheel behind him. While the battle for the lead was happening the action was three wide for seventh between Dale Nottestad, Kolton Guralski and Kyle Smith. Nottestad came out on top. For Nottestad, the battle continued as he took his time getting to the top five. The final caution would happen on lap twenty-two for Ed Kubicz spinning. Again St. Scheel and Schulyer would race to the green. St. Scheel continued to keep his lead. Nottestad would continue to fight for each position he battled side by side with Sh. Scheel on lap twenty-nine he over took him getting himself to third. Erickson having to restart last on lap 12 had his work cut out for him to get his top five finish. He moved through the field lap by lap to finish fourth. St.Scheel took first followed by Schuyler, Nottestad, Erickson and Ryan Goldade rounding out the five.

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