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Tournament of Destruction II Results

Tournament of Destruction winners declared their automotive independence on July 4th with a night of no rules, no holds barred events at Wisconsin’s Action Track, Jefferson Speedway.  Here are the winners in each event category.  Back-up Race Winners: Mark Krinke of Reeseville, John Peterson of Jackson and Dustin Mickus of Rosendale.  The Bump and Run Winning Team: Josh Rusch and Matt Rusch of Cambridge.  Chain Race Winning Team: Jake Grischow and Dan Taylor of Whitewater.  Spin To Win Winners: Chris Squire of Rio, Joseph Grams of Middleton and Keith Stewart of Monroe.  Bubble Race Winners: Keith Stewart of Monroe and Matt Krinke of Lowell.  Bump Draft Winning Team: Ben Hillery of Stoughton and James Wells of Monroe.  Trailer Race Winner: Nick Wieneke of Stoughton.  Trailer Race Best of Show: Tim Krinke of Lowell Jason Knudson of Stoughton.

The final Tournament of Destruction for 2015 will be September 6th.  Gates at 5pm.  Mayhem starts at 7pm.

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