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Wendt Dominates Spring Sizzler 50’ Season Opener at Jefferson Speedway

By Larry Starr

April 30, 2005; Jefferson, Wis. – Nick Wendt of Watertown drove his Late Model, from the outside of row 1, to claim the lead at the green flag. Leading 50, of 50, laps Wendt was first at the checkered flag, claiming top honors in the “Goodyear Tire – Spring Sizzler 50” season opener. Kyle Jarlsberg tailed Wendt the entire distance, but was unable to find his way to the front. At the finish it was Wendt for the win, followed by Jarlsberg, Luke Westenberg, Chad Reimer and Jason Erickson.

In International Action, Chris Chenoweth of Watertown notched the first feature win, of his career, in the 15 lap main event. Starting 4th in the field, Chenoweth motored to the point, on the first lap, and never looked back, guiding the way to the Checkers. Over the final 7 laps, Chenoweth held off a strong challenge by Scott Hoeft. As they flew past the checkers it was Chenoweth for the win, followed by Hoeft, Mark Joyner, Mark English and Chris Nelson.

In Sportsman division action Ryan Goldade of Stoughton edged Scott “Chico” Riedner, at the line, to claim victory in the, 30 lap, feature. Riedner took the lead, at the green flag, guiding the way as Goldade worked his way forward, from a 10th place start. Goldade claimed the 3rd spot on lap 8, and 2nd by lap 13, and started closing Riedner’s, lead. The only caution of the race came, on lap 17, for a car in the back stretch wall. On the restart Goldade was nose to tail with Riedner. As the took the white flag, Goldade moved to the inside, going for the win. Coming out of turn 4, they flew toward the checkers. At the stripe it was Goldade, by inches, over Riedner. Rounding out the top 5 were Trent Erdman, Curt Thompson and Dave Oswald.

In Hobby Stock action Jim Tate Jr. of Watertown powered to the lead at the green flag and never looked back, showing the way to the checkered flag. Eaan Carson drove to the 2nd spot, by lap 7, closing the gap with Tate but never found the opening that he needed. At the checkers it was Tate for the win, followed by Carson, Pete Elgas, Ken Au and Mike Meyers.

In Bandit action it was Troy Yohn of Waterloo, driving from an 11th place start to win the first feature of 2005. Yohn was first at the line, followed by Shaun Scheel, Brian Paulson, Brandon Riedner and Chris Hart.

Next week is “Autograph and Picture Day” at Jefferson Speedway, along with a full racing program.

Gates open at 3:00PM, Qualifying at 4:30 and racing at 7:00 sharp.

Jefferson Speedway is half way between Cambridge and Jefferson Wisconsin, on Highway 18.

Jefferson Speedway Race Summary – 04/30/2005 Spring Sizzler

Late Model Division Feature Finish
1) 46 Nick Wendt 2) 87 Kyle Jarlsburg (Cambridge)
3) 16 Luke Estenberg (Watertown) 4) 19 Chad Reimer
5) 94 Jason Erickson 6) 4 Chris Quam (Stoughton)
7) 44 Roger Behlke 8) 82 Chad stevens (Orfordville)
9) 52 Steve Dobbratz (Rio) 10) 6 Ken Piotrowski (Janesville)
11) 68 Ken Olson 12) 99 Doug Hahn (Whitewater)
13) 11 Tim Petrie (Whitewater) 14) 79 Justin Schultz (Rio)
15) 71 John Ovadahl 16) 41 Mike Taylor
17) 71 Tim Noble (Janesville) 18) 18 Andy Wendt
19) 5 Jeff Johnson (Stoughton) 20) 23 Chris Koepke (Jefferson)
Fast Qualifier: 94 Jason Erickson : 14.105 seconds
Last Chance: 41 Mike Taylor, 5 Jeff Johnson, 11 Tim Petrie, 79 Justin Schultz
Heats: Dash) 82 Chad stevens, Qual1) 23 Chris Koepke, Qual2) 46 Nick Wendt

International Division Feature Finish
1) 97 Chris Chenoweth (Watertown) 2) 00 Scotty Hoeft (Watertown)
3) 4 Mark Joyner (Palmyra) 4) 57 Mark English
5) 73 Chris Nelson (Cottage Grove) 6) 36 Bill Sweeney (Janesville)
Fast Qualifier: 00 Scotty Hoeft (Watertown) : 16.905 seconds
Heats: Dash) 4 Mark Joyner, Qual1) 12 Mike Winters (Sun Prairie)

Sportsman Division Feature Finish
1) 39 Ryan Goldade (Stoughton) 2) 26 Scott Reidner (Waunakee)
3) 11 Trent Erdman (Fort Atkinson) 4) 3 Curt Thompson (Fort Atkinson)
5) 31 David Oswald (Cottage Grove) 6) 42 Bob Selsing (Fort Atkinson)
Fast Qualifier: 39 Ryan Goldade (Stoughton) : 15.275 seconds
Heats: Dash) 3 Curt Thompson, Qual2) 26 Scott Reidner, dash) 87 Ed Jackson

Hobby Stock Division Feature Finish
1) 27 Jim Tate Jr (Watertown) 2) 2 Eaan Carson
3) 52 Peter Elgas (Janesville) 4) 31 Kenneth L Au (Jefferson)
5) 80 Mike Meyers (Orfordville) 6) 7 Scott Carson
Fast Qualifier: 67 Russell Nicholson (Stoughton) : 16.775 seconds
Last Chance: 25 Jim Lampen, 50 Jim Schimdt, 49 Buck Stuats, 29 Ryan Oldenhoft
Heats: Dash) 52 Peter Elgas, Qual1) 99 Lincoln Keeser

Bandit Division Feature Finish
1) 5 Troy Yahn (Waterloo) 2) 8 Shaun Scheel (Johnson Creek)
3) 41 Brian Paulson 4) 4D Brandon Reidner (Waunakee)
5) 22 Chris Hart 6) 42 Bobby Selsing Jr
Fast Qualifier: 5 Troy Yahn (Waterloo) : 14.950 seconds
Last Chance: 11 Tom Pfifer, 6 Zac Czesymeski, 92 Kyle Stark, 12 Ben Stricker
Heats: Dash) 42 Bobby Selsing Jr, Qual1) 92 Andy Bauler, Qual2) 5 Peter Shelley

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